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Modern Glass Block Residential Design

In addition to the aesthetic versatility of Glass Block, there are also the advantages of energy efficiency and weather resistance.

The Contemporist article on Optical Glass House by Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP describes a project that made use all of these qualities.

“This house is sited among tall buildings in downtown Hiroshima, overlooking a street with many passing cars and trams. To obtain privacy and tranquility in these surroundings, we placed a garden and optical glass façade on the street side of the house.”

The façade has some 6,000 pure-glass blocks weighing around 13 tons.


As a proven, natural material, glass block can add beauty and inspiration to a project while playing a significant role in sustainable design. Glass block, made largely from sand and limestone, is 100 percent recyclable, inert, low maintenance, and highly durable. Yet its dynamic relationship with light gives architects the opportunity to create both aesthetically pleasing and energy-efficient spaces. Glass Block meets Daylighting requirements and can add to LEED ratings.

Commercial Daylighting
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Designing Modern Bathroom Showers

When designing a bathroom shower, Glass Block is an excellent choice. Letting light into a bathroom opens the space and improves the look of the entire room.  Glass Block is mildew resistant, so it keeps its beauty without the maintenance needed for other alternatives such as pane glass or tile.

Look at the details of this shower from Classic Glass Block. The light is able to come into the shower stall while still providing privacy. The black fixtures and shower seat are excellent accents for a modern bathroom.

Here is another excellent design from Class Glass Block that lets light in from the outside. The waterfall shower wall accents the beauty in the room.

Classic Glass Block

With our weekend DIY project modules, we can help you to choose the right materials and provide you with assistance on the design and installation to bring your ideas to life. You can also go to our post Installing Glass Block is Easier Than You May Think. This will help you with the material options.

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Economic indicators, such as Housing Starts tracked by the NAHB, seem to correlate to weather indicators recorded by NOAA.

This year’s winter has brought severely cold weather. For instance, NOAA reports that at the beginning of February, 2014, 75% of the Great Lakes were frozen. the largest ice cover for the date since 1996. As the winter weather moved through the Midwest and the Northeast, the NAHB reported “Following the ten point drop in the HMI to a level of 46, total housing starts declined 16%…”.

NOAA states that Chicago reported 33.2 inches of snow for January, the third snowiest month for the city. The NAHB reported “Regional data confirm that weather played a large role in the decline for January. The pace of Midwest single-family starts (seasonally adjusted) declined 60% from December to January and was 50% lower compared to January 2013.

So, the severe weather this winter has affected growth in housing.

Mean Temps from NOAA

But, Spring will come. Spring will bring warmer temperatures and the opportunity to once again have new home building and home improvement projects.

Spring will also bring the threat of flooding. Each cubic foot of compacted snow remaining on the ground will cause flooding in areas never before susceptible to flooding resulting in costly damage to homes, if not properly prepared.Eastern Glass Block Basement Window

When considering the inevitable results after such a difficult Winter, you should consider the most vulnerable part of the house to flooding, the Basement Window. Even low-level flooding can cause intense damage through this vulnerable opening.

Glass Block is a great choice for basement windows, or any window that may be susceptible to flooding. Glass Block Windows have the characteristics of a solid concrete block wall. And now, you can choose to have ventilation in the window.

While glass block windows provide protection against water penetration, they also provide a high level of security against burglary. Glass Block provides an excellent solution to demonstrating that our home is not an easy target for the criminal, while still maintaining beauty and elegance in the home. You can also forget about painting, caulking and puttying. There’s nothing to peel, rot or rust. To clean, simply hose the outside and wipe the inside lightly with a damp cloth.

Installation is easier than expected. Glass Block windows, such as those from Eastern Glass Block, are available pre-assembled. You can choose standard or custom sizes, with or without ventilation. Call us at Eastern Glass Block for a free estimate. We have over twenty years of experience designing and installing commercial and residential Glass Block nationwide. We would love to share our experience with you. Contact Us at Eastern Glass Block

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