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Common Concerns With Fire Rated Glass Blocks

Glass blocks themselves are more beneficial than single pane windows when compared and contrasted. Not only are there obvious distinctions but there are also some that may go unnoticed. There is also a different type of glass block which is even more beneficial than a regular glass block. This is called a fire rated glass block. It is not uncommon that some feel fire rated glass blocks are not really needed or that they are the exactly the same as regular glass blocks. They offer benefits above and beyond regular glass blocks and windows.

Glass Block Wall with Fire Rated blocks

First you may ask yourself “Do I need fire rated glass blocks?” or “Should I get these instead of regular glass blocks?”. Whether you need fire rated glass blocks or not is contingent upon the location of the space. Some buildings need fire rated blocks to meet fire codes and some homeowners living on zero-lot lines would be wise to consider them as well for the walls or windows adjacent to the lot line. Fire rated blocks are not needed always (I doubt you would want to get fire rated blocks for a glass block shower). More often than not, regular glass blocks will do just fine for whatever project you are planning. On the other hand, business owners, houses in close proximity to each other and those residing in locations prone to fire would be smart to choose fire rated blocks over regular blocks.

Are they worth it? My answer is yes, they are worth it. Fire rated glass blocks come in 45, 60 and 90 minute fire ratings which is reflective of their fire retardant level. Comparing these and regular windows in regards to fire is like comparing a rowboat to a yacht. If these blocks can potentially save your property from extended fire damage, then these are worth it. If these blocks can help your business meet fire codes and protect it from fires, causing tangible and intangible damage to your computer systems and property, then yes these are worth it.Fire Rated Glass Block Windows

Concerned about the styles of the blocks? No worries. All glass blocks have fire ratings of 45, but 60 and 90 minute glass blocks include different styles like Essex, Endura, Vue, Decora and Vistabrik, a solid glass brick. Choosing a higher fire rating does not limit the choices of patterns.

Not sure if you have any safety concerns that fire rated blocks could fix? This still leaves to door open from a precautionary standpoint. You might not need higher fire ratings for a business or home, but having them as a precaution can never hurt because if something tragic were to happen you would be readily prepared.

As I touched on before, uses for fire rated blocks can differ. Commercial applications range from meeting fire codes to placing them on walls nearest other buildings. Residential applications range from zero-lot line protection to using them as a precaution. It is a safer material, especially for a window alternative, when considering fire damage to a business or home.Fire Rated Glass Block Wall

To learn more about Fire Rated glass blocks and how you can use them in your home or business, please visit our website at Call us at 800-635-1226 or email at We have over 26 years of experience and we will be happy to help you in designing or material supply.

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How To Spice Up Your Home With Color Glass Blocks

Want to make your home a little more pleasant to the eye? Are the painted walls not satisfying the creativity you would like? Maybe it’s the bland, general décor in each room that just doesn’t spruce it up enough for your taste. There is something that can help you with that, color glass blocks.

Color glass blocks are a perfect option to give you a satisfying and unique to any room in your home. These blocks come in many different colors and patterns making choosing the color the hardest decision. They can be used in any room in the house and for a multitude of reasons.


Tired of having a regular, boring looking shower? A colored glass block shower will make your bathroom much more pleasant when you look or use your bathroom. Not only does it accent the room, it also can save space depending on the layout you choose.

Glass Block Shower

Colored Glass Block Shower


Want your house to stand out from the neighbor’s? Color glass blocks will do just that when you replace the window with these blocks. People walking, driving, biking or admiring will immediately notice the enhancement of a home that has color glass blocks in a window space. Additionally, the sunlight that hits them will shine through into the house making that room your instant favorite.

Color Glass Block Window

Color Glass Block Window


Thought about getting color glass blocks but don’t want to drastically change the interior of your home? Don’t worry because there is a solution for that. You can use these blocks to make a partition. This will satisfy the want for something beautiful all while not drastically changing or renovating anything in your home.

Glass Block Partition

Color Glass Block Partition


If you want your home to look a little more inviting, but in a subtle way then colored glass blocks in your entry is a perfect fit. You can install these blocks on either side of your door as sidelights and even above it as a transom to make walking into the place more inviting. This would not only look nice but it also wouldn’t change anything major.


Want to make your kitchen a more colorful and inviting place, but don’t know how? Colored glass blocks can be used to make a counter or can be used as a backsplash in the wall to let the sunlight and colorful blocks light the room with a pop of colors.

Color Glass Block Bar

Color Glass Block Bar

There are many ways to use color glass blocks in your home and all of them will make it a much more pleasant environment. The light these color blocks will give off almost guarantee you will want to keep the inside lights off as much as possible because the natural sunlight and color combination is unmatched.

To learn more about Color Glass Blocks and how you can use them in your home, please visit our website at Call us at 800-635-1226 or email at We have over 26 years of experience and we will be happy to help you in designing or material supply.

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How To Stop Commercial Window Vandalism – Solid Glass Bricks

It is important for a business to maintain their property for safety, security and financial concerns. No business owner would be happy going into work to see their building has new broken windows, graffiti, other acts of vandalism or anything that will cost them money they could use elsewhere. Would you mind opening up the store on Monday morning to find out local kids graffitied your property? Would you pay no mind that some kids got bored and chucked rocks and pebbles and broke your windows? I’m going to say probably not for both of those. If your property is located in a bad area then there is a constant threat that these things may happen to you and if they do it’ll be coming out of your own pocket to get the windows fixed.

Vistabrik Window

Vistabrik Solid Glass Brick Window

Want a solution? Here is a product that can help ease your mind from all of this; Vistabrik. Vistabrik is a solid glass brick 3” thick that is tremendously stronger than a regular window and has added benefits. Vistabrik glass bricks are one of the strongest, if not the strongest alternative to traditional windows. If encountered with problems or scenarios as previously mentioned, the outcome would not be the same. How so you ask? Let me explain a little further.

Vistabrik solid glass bricks are extremely strong pieces of glass specifically meant to withstand a beating it may receive. These bricks are resistant to graffiti so there will be no cause for concern that your building will be vulnerable to that. Supplementary to that is a Vistabrik is also a bulletproof glass, about as secure as you can get for a building material, especially a window alternative. Having these in place of regular windows can eliminate your concern about graffiti and vandalism.

Vistabrik Window in a High School

Vistabrik Solid Glass Brick in a High School Application

Additionally, if you’re located in an extremely noisy area, these bricks also provide further noise reduction. The tangible benefits as stated above will not go unnoticed.

To learn more about Vistabrik Solid glass bricks and save money on future window replacements, please visit our website at Call us at 800-635-1226 or email at We have over 26 years of experience and we will be happy to help you in designing or material supply.

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