About Us

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Eastern Glass Block is dedicated to provide products and systems to make our customers’ homes and businesses more secure and beautiful, however, we strive for much more than that! What is it that makes us unique?

What do we value?

We value honesty and integrity – This is our foundation. The “right thing” to do is not always the easiest thing to do. We need to admit our mistakes and be accountable to learn from them. We must be honest and live up to the trust our customers have shown in us.

We value our people who are challenged to constantly get better – We are choosy in our hiring process but believe our real strengths begin after someone has been invited to join our company.

We value providing the opportunity for people to lead –  Leadership is taught and encouraged throughout the company. This is not just activity for the top of the organization.

We value fast technologies – We need our systems to be fast and efficient to give our customers timely answers.

We value “human touch” – There can be no substitute for people who care. “You don’t care how much we know until you know how much we care.”

We value our community – We recognize that we are privileged to live in the United States and are responsible to commit our time and resources to “give back” to socially responsible causes.

We value honest feedback – It is only through feedback and self- evaluation from our customers and our people that we can focus on getting better.

We thank you for considering Eastern Glass Block and look forward to the opportunity to be of service to you!


  1. you replaced our original cellar casement windows which were cracked and leaked with glass blocks the end of June 2016. the man who did the work was very neat and did an excellent job! Every day i enjoy going into my basement and seeing with the natural light and i feel safer with the small windows he installed for ventilation.
    i am working on my taxes now. Are the windows energy efficient or rated in any way? i couldn’t find any details on your website. Mary
    DeMarco Pompton Lakes

  2. Dear sirs: I apologize for my question, but no one can give me an answer. I am a DIY’er and I am installing the Speedset mortarless glass block system. I am installing it in an exterior window (bathroom). The system uses a horizontal, and a vertical between the block courses. But they also have a channel that I assume would go around the window inside the frame. But,.. nothing I see on the internet nor any instructions I have show this channel being used. My question, “is this channel needed”? A concern is that since this is an exterior window, I’m concerned about rain water sitting in the channel eventually causing damage to the window frame.

    Thank you,

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