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Glass Block Windows Made Easy

For some time now, glass blocks have been a cornerstone in “retro” design, but deceptively prominent in modern design as well. With the many uses of glass blocks becoming more apparent to homeowners, they have continued to be incorporated into both renovations and ground-up projects. Often, glass block was primarily installed “on-site” like you would regular bricks, but now it’s become a bit different. More homeowners are willing to take on the challenge of a DIY glass block project, to some extent. It isn’t a piece of cake to do the first time around, or the tenth, but what we like to do now for those wanting a glass block window is offer them our prefabricated glass block windows.

The easier way to now fill a window space with glass blocks is to work with us to model a preassembled glass block window. We can have a window premade with a white vinyl or sandstone frame, or without a frame altogether and built with either mortar or silicone depending on your needs, application and design choice. Choosing to go with a preassembled glass block window lets us do the hard part, meaning the assembly and sealing while leaving you with the task of putting it in place. When these panels are assembled in a frame (easier for first-timers) the installation is made easier due to the frame’s nailing flanges, and yes they have weep holes too. The only catch with a framed glass block window is that it has to be assembled with silicone.

For those who do not wish to have a frame encasing their preassembled glass block window, the frameless options leaves you to choose between mortar or silicone assembly. When installing a frameless prefabricated panel made with mortar, unlike the framed panel, you simply have to just mortar the perimeter and fit the window in there for it to set. Some people I’ve spoken to when designing their window like the all glass look silicone gives you since the silicone is clear, while other people like the look of mortar as it resembles classical brick lines. The glass blocks we like to premake our windows with are ones that offer a solid balance between light transparency and privacy. Choosing between framed or frameless is essentially a choice of preference. Maybe the frame compliments the accents or decor in room, or maybe the frameless panel looks better when tile is brought right up to its edge.

Whether you want to beef up the security of your current window openings, renovate the design or curb appeal of your home, waterproof a troublesome window or just try something new, a preassembled glass block window could be the perfect semi-DIY project to take on. We’ll build it, you finish er’ off.

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A Showcase Of Seves Glass Blocks

Glass blocks are often used in commercial applications such as walls for buildings, schools and even staircases. It is not often, however, that glass blocks are configured as such for a specific purpose, like say, rain. That’s part of the journey Seves Glass Block departed on when working on different types of glass blocks and brainstorming ideas on what can and can’t work. The video below depicts Seves glass blocks in various ways from starting from their initial design phase to the application of said blocks in the form of a kitchen backsplash or an entire building mixing different types of blocks. The flexibility of these blocks is vast and the continuing effort to use glass blocks in different ways is no longer going unnoticed.

In the video above you can see a bit of the process of actually making the glass blocks. When compared to other glass block manufacturers you can see the many different types of glass blocks that Seves produces such as their “Satin” finish, which is similar to a frosted/misty finish or their glass blocks that have small, but tasteful designs on them. You can get a good look at one of Seves most intriguing glass blocks around the 2:51 mark. This trapezoidal block also has that “Satin” finish I described above which really makes this product stand out.

There really is a lot to learn by watching this video and I invite you to take a few minutes and check it out. Visit our website at to see the products and services we offer.

Please reach out to learn more about these glass blocks and different products they offer, or if you want some e-brochures with more in depth info. Don’t hesitate to reach out via email or phone with any questions, concerns or design advice you may want. Please send email inquiries to or call 973-777-8989 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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A Different Way To Do Glass Block Showers

As far as most people are concerned, if you wanted a glass block shower for your bathroom remodel it would have to be built block-by-block on site. Well, we in the industry feel not enough people know another way to git-er-done. The secret is out: glass block showers can now be ordered as a “pre-assembled  kit” that has everything you’d need. The ease of a glass block shower kit can make the first time “rookie” DIY-er feel like an experienced veteran. I’ll go more in depth explaining exactly what comes in a pre-assembled shower kit below and how it can benefit you.


First, the benefits of a glass block shower vs your typical shower include style. Who likes bland applications anyway? Glass block showers are very easy to clean, much more durable than your typical glass shower and offer different styles such as walk-in showers. You can have a glass block shower installed in smaller bathrooms where a regular shower may not fit too well, thanks to the curved and angular glass blocks available. If privacy is a concern, there are glass blocks tailored for both those who are adamant about maximum privacy or enjoy the happy medium between privacy and light transmission.


Second, choosing to go with a prefabricated glass block shower kit cuts the longevity of the project. The shower wall is made at the warehouse into sections that are then shipped with all necessary accessories and a shower base (optional) for you to then build like a real life Lego project. For example, if you had a 64″x 96″ space you wanted to fill in with a shower wall using a prefabricated glass block shower kit, you would receive 3 “sections” each measuring 64″x 32″ that you would then stack on top of one another and seal into place.


Using a glass block shower kit can also leave you without a rather serious problem. Since a good number of glass block showers using reinforcing wire for stability, if this isn’t done right you’ll be left with something nobody wants to see: rust. With a glass block shower kit there is no reinforcing wire present but instead a system called the “protect all” installation system. This system uses vinyl spacers stacked vertically and horizontally between the blocks as well as anchors on the end to attach at the wall. Whether the glass block part of your shower has curved walls or straight walls, the protect all installation system guarantees a solid and doable job.

Shower Bases

Shower bases are available and can be custom made for your shower layout to fit your bathroom design. There are 3 main shower bases available: ready for tile, acrylic and solid surface. The “ready for tile” shower base is made from 100% waterproof polystyrene that assures no mold or mildew buildup. If your shower drain location may worry you regarding this base, no worries; these can be custom-made and the drain location can be placed wherever you need it to be. Ready for tile shower bases can also be custom-made to be curb-less and leave the possibility of adding a bench or corner seat addition.


The acrylic shower base is a simpler product than the “ready for tile” base. The acrylic base is only one piece and only comes in 2 different sizes: 72″x 51″ and 60″x 34″, limiting it’s application. However, these can be made to have a bench or corner seat.

The solid surface shower base is made with aluminum trihydrate crystals with specially formulated resins that add flexibility and strength. These can be custom-made for any type of design – curved, straight or angle walls to fit your bathroom remodel plans. For the people who have to be mindful of the handicapped, the solid surface base curbs can be tailored to meet those needs. The curbs can be custom made as a low-profile curb, as a built-in ramp (wheelchair accessible), and full-height curb.

Although the solid surface is at a disadvantage in terms of price when compared to the other alternatives, it has advantages over the other alternatives such as being a single unit to make installation that much easier, being grout free, and not requiring any finishing material.

Feel free to give us a call if you want some more information on glass blocks or to discuss your bathroom project and how our products can help you. We’re excited to help anyone with their glass block projects. Don’t hesitate to call 973-777-8989 or email me at I’ll be more than happy to assist you in any way. Be sure to check out our website at for some inspiration and ideas.

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