Posted by: glassblockblogger | May 13, 2011

Water Proof Glass Block for Flood Protection

Water Proof Glass Block

Glass Block has many advantages. But none may be overlooked more than its resistance to water penetration. This quality provides several opportunities during the design stage of a new building project or a remodel.

Eastern Glass Block, New York, New Jersey, Boston, PhiladelphiaGlass Block is a great choice for basement windows or windows that may be below a flood stage level. Glass Block Windows have the characteristics of a solid concrete block wall. This can be especially important if the home is built in an area that is even remotely susceptible to a flood.

Glass Block windows, such as those from Pittsburgh Corning Glass Block, are available preassembled. You can choose standard or custom sizes, with or without ventilation.

While glass block windows provide protection against water penetration, they also provide a higher level of security against burglary than a traditional pane glass window. They eliminate the need for storm windows and reduce the energy required for heating and air conditioning.

You can also forget about painting, caulking and puttying. There’s nothing to peel, rot or rust. To clean, simply hose the outside and wipe the inside lightly with a damp cloth.

We can help answer any of your design or installation questions and offer professional assistance for quick and easy installation. Do not hesitate to contact us or leave a comment on this post. We have offices in New York and New Jersey with over twenty years of experience  designing and installing commercial and residential glass block nationwide. We love to share our experience.


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