Posted by: glassblockblogger | December 19, 2011

Craft Idea for a Unique Christmas Gift Using Glass Block

As I entered my friend’s home, the lighted decoration on the table caught my eye. After a quick moment, I realized it was actually a glass block. The way the light glimmered through the glass on this table decoration was fun and festive.DecoBlock Eastern Glass Block

I asked about it how it was made. My friends explained that they drilled into the glass block with a special drill bit to put lights in it. After that, they easily added the finishing touches.

I knew the drilling was the hardest part of the creative process and was actually not necessary. So, I suggested a Post on this blog called Christmas Holidays Stimulate Our Creativity. In this post we talk about a product called DecoBloc that would have saved my friends time and effort.

The DecoBloc

Pittsburgh Corning has a versatile product line for Glass Block arts and crafts called DecoBloc. Since its introduction seventy years ago, Pittsburgh Corning’s genuine glass blocks have been used in innovative ways by artists and crafters to fashion beautiful and decorative creative expressions.

Eastern Glass Block No drill crafts

Each DecoBloc is designed with a molded opening that you can use to insert a teddy bear or any decorative item. In addition, DecoBloc contains a special multi-use insert that goes into that molded opening that has three custom cap options. These custom caps allow you to easily transform your glass block treasures into a bank, canister, or decorative light, without drilling or cutting into the block.

You can find great ideas at the Pittsburgh Corning DecoBloc site. DecoBloc comes in two sizes; 8″x8″x3″ and 6″x6″x3″, and two patterns; wavy and ice, creating options limited only by your imagination.

Glass Block is an excellent material for using color and light and can be added to glass block in many ways.

Glass Block can also be engraved with unique designs or a personal message to increase the unique value of a memorable Holiday gift for friends and relatives of all ages.

Call us at Eastern Glass Block. We have over 20 years of experience designing and installing Glass Block and would love to share our experience with you while you plan out that new DIY weekend project or next craft activity.


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