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Windows that Insulate and Control Privacy without Window Treatments

Windows that Insulate and Control Privacy
New York, New Jersey, Boston, Philadelphia

If you are considering replacing a window, Glass Block Windows are unique in their value. They provide energy efficiency while at the same time providing security without the need for window treatments. LightWise® from Pittsburgh Corning is a window that should not be overlooked because of its ease-of-installation and added features.

With  LightWise® glass block windows, you get the comfort of a weather insulating window with an energy efficiency comparable to a double-pane window. This window:Eastern Glass Block LightWise Remodel

  • Blocks out the sun’s heat and ultraviolet light to keep interiors cooler in the summer.
  • In the winter, provides improved insulating ability that helps keep interiors warmer.
  • Same great features as regular Vinyl frame windows and available in white or sandstone color in 78 sizes.

If privacy is an issue, and it always is, you can control privacy by varying pattern selection. So you can eliminate the need for window treatments and let the natural beauty of crystalline glass shine through.

And that makes LightWise® Windows one of the most beautiful windows you can choose.

LightWise® Windows are easy to install. In short, you just place the window in the opening and fasten along the built-in nailing fins. Below is a brief overview of installation instructions for the LightWise Window. (These instructions are not complete. Please refer to LowE Energy Efficient – Installation Instructions from Pittsburgh Corning or contact Eastern Glass Block.)

  1. Preparations: All framing members must conform to present industry standards.
  2. Set window in rough opening from outside with nailing fin overlapping exterior sheathing. Provide a continuous bead of sealant between the nailing fin and exterior sheathing. Press the fin into the sealant before nailing. Center window within rough opening.
  3. Level and plumb window by shimming at sill, side jambs and head if necessary.
  4. Secure nailing fin with #10 x 2″ long pan head wood screws with #10 washers, starting 3″ in from all corners and 7″ on center maximum spacing.
  5. Install 9″ flashing strips over the nailing fins as shown in Figure 2. Apply underlayment (such as building paper) in a shingled (overlapping) pattern or follow industry standards for window flashing.
  6. After exterior siding or brick is applied, caulk around perimeter of window unit. (When brick veneer is used as exterior finish, adequate clearance must be left for caulking between window sill and masonry. This will prevent damage and bowing of sill caused by shrinkage and settling of structural lumber.)

To get further detail, go to Pittsburgh Corning, or, contact Eastern Glass Block. We install.
Contact Us at Eastern Glass BlockEastern Glass Block installs residential and commercial windows. We can work with you to develop a custom solution that meets your needs. Give us a call at 800.635.1226 The Project Planner is also a great resource to guide you through the decisions you need to make to plan your glass block project.



  1. In the interior Alaska we generally use triple pain windows because we can reach temperatures in the -50’s in winter. What are the U values of the glass blocks described in this article? Thanks

  2. […] Windows that Insulate and Control Privacy without Window Treatments […]

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