Posted by: glassblockblogger | October 8, 2012

A Choice for Replacing Windows Before the Winter Weather Arrives

An Energy Efficient Window
New York, New Jersey, Boston, Philadelphia

As we enter the Fall season and begin to feel outside temperatures dropping, we are reminded that there is little time to get those windows replaced.

In a previous post on this blog, we discussed “One of the Remodeling Projects that Gets the Most Return“. There we highlighted reporting from MSN Real Estate that stated “…expect to experience nearly a 70% return on investment by taking on a window replacement project with vinyl windows.”.

Using Glass Block windows has a great effect on your return-on-investment when considered energy costs.Eastern Glass Block Reading Area Take for instance the LightWise® Glass Block Low E Energy Efficient Vinyl window from Pittsburgh Corning. This window meets ENERGY STAR requirements across the United States. The patented design uses SOLARBAN® 70 to reduce the flow of radiant energy through the block. (ENERGY STAR is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy helping us all save money and protect the environment.)

The LightWise® Windows offer an insulating value comparable to a double-pane window. They also provide excellent sound insulation, too. You can be comfortable in a room with LightWise® Windows because you can control visibility without additional window treatments by selecting varying glass patterns.

The LightWise® window is real Glass Block. However, LightWise® windows will not scratch, burn or discolor, providing years of timeless beauty. And they are easy to install.

  • Meets ENERGY STAR requirements.
  • In the winter, improved insulating ability helps keep interiors warmer.
  • Same great features as regular Vinyl frame windows and available in white or sandstone color in 78 sizes.

So, let us know if you need more information on the installation requirements of these excellent windows from Pittsburgh Corning Glass Block. The winter is approaching and no time is better than now to address your window’s needs. We would be pleased to help; contact us online; or just call us at 800.635.1226.

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  1. ‘Read- Storm Sandy’ on my blog. An article covered by the New Scientist magazine in 1976. Any parallels?

  2. […] A Choice for Replacing Windows Before the Winter Weather Arrives […]

  3. […] In 1937, Pittsburgh Corning was incorporated and built its first plant in Port Allegany, PA, for the production of the Decor®a and Argus® Glass Block patterns. In the late 1950′s, Pittsburgh Corning continued its tradition of innovation by creating its first rectangular glass brick. This was followed by many innovative glass block styles, patterns, shapes, and sizes. To further advance the security value of glass block, in 2008, Pittsburgh Corning developed a hurricane resistant glass block window and a blast resistant glass block panel. In 2009, the Energy Efficient Glass Block panels are introduced as the newest LightWise® Architectural System. […]

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