Posted by: glassblockblogger | January 14, 2013

Don’t Sell the House Because the Bathroom Needs a Makeover

Glass Block Shower Remodeling

Many home owners find remodeling their home is a preferred alternative over selling and having to buy a new home in this economic climate. A new shower in a bathroom can be just what is needed to renew your home. The shower was one of the 5 Great Projects for Glass Block in Your Home.Glass Block Bathroom Shower

Showers represent the second highest use of Glass Block in homes. For a truly astounding shower design, step out of the ordinary and step into the beautiful Walk-In Shower. A dramatic addition to any bathroom, the Walk-In Shower adds a level of elegance and luxury that today’s discerning homeowner wants. To eliminate the hassle of a custom design, glass block shower kits provide an easy way to create the shower of your dreams. These kits include glass block, base and door for most applications.

At Eastern Glass Block, you can choose either Mortar Installation or the new ProVantage™ Glass Block Installation System. The ProVantage™ Glass Block Installation System is a mortar-less method that incorporates a special spacer system and joint finish to make it easier than ever before to build beautiful glass block walls and showers. Learn more about the installation process from our Video on Installing Glass Block.

So take a look through this section at, and see how a new Shower Systems can give your next bathroom design the custom look you want without the custom installation hassle. Let us know how we can help. We have been doing Glass Block installation nationwide for more than 20 years from our offices in New York and New Jersey. Do not hesitate to call us. We love to share our experience and expertise.

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