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Discover How to Have Beauty Without Sacrificing Security in Modern Home Design

Glass Block in Modern Home Design

When light is needed in a room, but, security cannot be compromised, glass block is an excellent solution.

Below is an example from a Houzz image of glass block being used to fill the room with light. If typical glass pane were used, security of the home may become a serious concern. Glass block provides the security of a solid wall against intruders and severe weather conditions.


Secure Foyers and Halls

Glass Block providing Security and Beauty to Front DoorGlass block makes a great first impression that lasts. Using glass block in a foyer is another example of where light and beauty can be enhanced while further protecting your family in the home.

Assistance With the Details

Although glass block is strong, it must be used as a non-load bearing material. All construction above glass block panels must be independently supported. Individual glass block panels must be isolated within their openings with expansion strip material at head and jamb locations with no loads imposed on the glass black panel.

You can accomplish many of your plans on your own. But, if you or your contractors have questions along the way, Eastern Glass Block is here to help. We have over 20 years of experience in residential and commercial glass block design and installation, and love to share our knowledge. Call us at 800-635-122

Let us know where you have installed or are planning to install Glass Block in your modern home design.


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