Posted by: glassblockblogger | January 29, 2014

Designing a Bathroom Shower Using Glass Block

Alternatives in a Bathroom Shower

Using glass pane in a bathroom for the shower wall is a great choice as compared to closed walls. Letting light into a bathroom opens the space and improves the look of the entire room.  However, using regular glass pane has certain disadvantages. Mildew build-up creates a significant maintenance problem over time. Clear glass also eliminates privacy.

Walk-in-shower from Eastern Glass BlockWhen designing a bathroom shower, Glass Block is an excellent alternative to using pane glass. As Mike Foti from Innovate Building Solutions states, “A Glass Block Shower really begins with designing the room – and the shower within that particular bathroom.” Glass Block is mildew-resistant, thereby reducing maintenance and preserving the beauty of the room. Glass Block also provides privacy without eliminating the light filling the room.

A glass block shower can be installed as a custom installation, or, a Glass Block Shower System can be chosen as a cost-effective alternative to get the beauty of a custom-built glass block shower with reduced installation requirements and labor.

Standard Fit Shower Kit Standard Fit Glass Block Shower is sized right to fit any bathroom. So, whether you’re replacing or adding a new shower to your home, the Standard Fit Glass Block Shower, available in three installation kits, is the perfect fit.

Walk-in Shower Kit For a truly astounding shower design, step out of the ordinary and step into the beautiful Glass Block Walk-In Shower. A dramatic addition to any bathroom, the Walk-In Shower adds a level of elegance and luxury that today’s discerning homeowner wants.

With our weekend DIY project modules, we can help you to choose the right materials and provide you with assistance on the design and installation to bring your ideas to life.

Also, you can go to our post Installing Glass Block is Easier Than You May Think. This will help you with the material options. Give us a call at Eastern Glass Block. We would love to assist you in your design and installation.

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