Posted by: glassblockblogger | June 5, 2014

Religious Building Design Benefits from Glass Block

Religious buildings are susceptipal to being severly damaged from tornadoes and hurricanes because of glass being an integral part of their construction. Recent severe weather events, unfortunately, seem to be a trend and need to considered in new and reconstruction projects. Building materials need to represent the purpose of the building while still being sustainable.

Glass Block can stand up to strong winds and flying debris while meeting the design requirements of a religious building. The glass can be installed with a selection of desirable colors producing murals that depict the purpose of the building.

The comprehensive variety of glass block systems, patterns, styles, and sizes all work together to produce a total industrial strength solution for any commercial project.

Veterans Administration Hospital Chapel

Pittsburgh Corning solid 3″VISTABRIK® glass block resists penetration from high-impact ballistics. Inthe post called Tornado and Hurricane Resistant Glass Block, you can see a short video demonstrating the impact resistant qualities of Glass Block.

To learn more, call us at Eastern Glass Block. We have over 20 years of experience in residential and commercial Glass Block installation services. We love to share our knowledge. Call us at 800-635-1226

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