Posted by: glassblockblogger | February 9, 2015

Installing a Glass Block Bar or Wall in Your Game Room May be Easier Than You Think

If you are considering building a bar or a glass wall in your new man-cave, Glass Block is an excellent material to enhance your open floor plan.

The open floor plan is the current trend. It gives an open look-and-feel while adding the perception of space. Set an objective of adding light and modernizing the look and feel of the room.

You can go to our post Installing Glass Block is Easier Than You May Think. This will help you with the material options. For instance, there is mortar or mortar-less options to make your DIY weekend even easier

Glass Block L Shaped Bar

Here are some commonly asked questions that will help you get started;

Do I need special support underneath the wall?

Usually not. Unless there is a problem with the floor already standard subfloor framing is usually enough to support the block wall.

Can the walls be prefabricated?

Yes. Straight prefabricated walls make the project easier and less costly to perform. Rounded walls are generally built at the job site.

Are these walls sturdy? How are the walls attached or anchored?

Most block walls are tied into surrounding wall(s) using panel anchors or vinyl stack anchors every 3rd course (or 24″). Panel reinforcing or horizontal vinyl stack pieces provide additional stability.

How do you make radius or angled walls? How are the ends and tops finished off?

With the development of glass blocks with angles, corners, and finished ends there is usually no need to use dissimilar materials to finish the sides and tops of your project.

Are there blocks with 60 or 90 minute fire ratings, or ones that offer higher levels of security?

Yes. There are solid and 60 and 90 minute fire rated glass blocks with thicker faces providing increased resistance to bullets, noise reduction, improved protection against vandalism & graffiti, and better fire ratings.

With our weekend DIY project modules, we can help you to choose the right materials and provide you with assistance on the design and installation to bring your ideas to life.

If you would like to talk more about the options that are available to you with Glass Block, or, if you want to work out an installation or design issue that you have come up against, call us at Eastern Glass Block. (800-635-1226We have been designing and installing Glass Block for over 20 years. We love to share our ideas and experience.


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