Posted by: glassblockblogger | March 11, 2015

Decorative Glass Block Product Line Now Available at Pittsburgh Corning

Pittsburgh Corning announces The Expressions Collection, a decorative glass block line, is now available for purchase. The Expressions Collection offers individuals the ability to customize, enhance and add an artistic touch to any wall or window.

Pittsburgh Corning, the leading glass manufacturer of applied glass technology, recently released The Expressions Collection. The decorative glass block line is available by contacting Pittsburgh Corning glass block distributors.

As an innovator in glass technology, Pittsburgh Corning developed the customizable glass block application for use in commercial, educational, government, institutional, and residential buildings. Glass block is a traditionally versatile building material, but the Expressions Collection allows glass block to become a critical design element for any room or building. The Expressions Collection uses a patented process to add design, color or customization to any size or pattern of glass block.

Mural of Tulips with the new Expressions Collection

Mural of Tulips with the new Expressions Collection

“Individual glass blocks are sublimated with images that become part of the glass allowing architects and designers to easily add custom designs to their projects,” said Aaron Liberatore, Industrial Designer for Pittsburgh Corning.

The Expressions Collection helps to enhance the cosmetic appeal of a traditional glass block, but maintains the functional benefits of security, privacy, light transmission and fire ratings. The decorative glass blocks are able to complement any application. A variety of images and murals are in stock using the 8″x8″x4″ nominal size glass block in the DECORA pattern.

Pittsburgh Corning suggests using the decorative glass blocks for a wide range of purposes:

  •     Healthcare Facilities
  •     Schools and Universities
  •     Sport Complexes
  •     Retail Space
  •     Community Centers
  •     Corporations
  •     Wayward Signage

The ornamental blocks can also be used in a private home for individual expression, as well as to showcase a unique work of art.

For more information about The Expressions Collection, please call Eastern Glass Block at 800-635-1226

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