Posted by: glassblockblogger | April 1, 2015

Bathroom Showers are Getting Bigger and Brighter

Home Owners are finding that remodeling their bathroom is an excellent choice for renewing the look and feel of their entire house. Within the bathroom, the bathroom shower can create a get-away to escape the everyday grind while adding elegance to the home.

The bathroom shower is becoming bigger. According to the 2015 HOUZZ BATHROOM TRENDS STUDY, “Despite maintaining our bath size, two-thirds of us upgrading our master showers are increasing their size (67%), with the Northeast leading the U.S. (72%).”

Good lighting is key to adding a perception of more space to a bathroom. Glass Block is an excellent material to be used in the bathroom shower because of its use of light. Glass Block opens the space and improves the look of the entire room.  Glass Block is mildew resistant, so it keeps its beauty without the maintenance needed for other alternatives such as pane glass or tile. Light is critical to the luxury and leisure effect that you want from your bathroom. After all, this is your retreat, your place of seclusion and rest.

The shower was one of the 5 Great Projects for Glass Block in Your Home. Bathroom showers represent the second highest use of Glass Block in homes. For a truly outstanding shower design, step out of the ordinary and step into the beautiful Walk-In Shower. A dramatic addition to any bathroom, the Walk-In Shower adds a level of elegance and luxury that today’s discerning homeowner wants.

To eliminate the hassle of a custom design, glass block shower kits provide an easy way to create the shower of your dreams. These kits include glass block, base and door for most applications.

Let us know how we can help. We have been delivering and installing Glass Block nationwide for more than 20 years. Do not hesitate to call us at Eastern Glass Block. We love to share our experience and expertise. (800-635-1226)


  1. There are several shower glass with unique designs to install in your bathroom. But, sometimes it happens that it might get cracked accidentally. In that case, we need the shower glass treatment services.

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