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If You Read One Article About Color Glass Blocks, Read This One

It can be difficult at times to make your home stand out. This can be frustrating for a new homeowner who has to choose a predetermined home from a group suggested to them by their builder. Not only does this limit creativity, in the eyes of the homeowner it can leave something to be desired. There are materials available which are not only decorative in nature, but also equally as useful in architectural designs. One specific product that meets both qualities is colored glass blocks. Below I will highlight this product.

Your run of the mill house looks like all of the rest. This may be a problem depending on how much you want to “decorate” your place. Colored glass blocks can turn your typical home into one that stands out. Additionally, glass blocks can be used inside and outside. Like clear glass blocks, which are also commonly used in residential applications, colored glass blocks come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. Color glass blocks are more aesthetic and can really boost the look of your home décor, something regular glass, bricks, tiles or granite can’t do. If you think color glass blocks are only good being used for strictly decorative purposes then here is something you should know: Glass blocks are great for being used architecturally as well.Glass Block Color Window

Basic clear and colored glass blocks are the same in terms of strength and safety which means they both can be used for building without fear of using a weaker product. These blocks are frequently used to build showers, partitions, windows, kitchen islands and backsplashes and even as the sidelight for the entry of a house. You can use these colored blocks in an existing wall to match your décor or make an entire colored wall. If you are considering an exterior color wall, but are concerned about privacy, fear not. Glass blocks are available in high privacy patterns. Whether you are remodeling the interior or designing a new home from scratch, color glass blocks can be a great addition, setting the stage for the color scheme you choose.

Color Glass Block IslandSome customer expressed concerns about the color fading. There are ample amount of color choices to choose from for any application you have in mind. You can even mix and match two or more colors if you want to create a beautiful color collage. A recent customer was worried that their new exterior wall of color glass blocks would fade from continued exposure to the sun. Color glass blocks do not fade, but remain as bright and colorful like the first day they arrived.

Glass Block Walk-in ShowerMost importantly is the size flexibility. A few customers worried that their openings were too small for colored blocks and that they would be forced to go with clear blocks. We relieved that worry by explaining that color glass blocks come in many sizes including 8”x 8”, 6”x 8”, 4”x 8” and 6”x 6”. An additional benefit they offer is that they are extremely energy efficient. So not only will they brighten up and enhance the home décor, they will also brighten up your face when your energy bill becomes lower.

If you have any questions on color glass blocks do not hesitate contact us or comment below. We would love to hear your opinions! To learn more about Color Glass Blocks and how you can use them in your home, please visit our website at Call us at 800-635-1226 or email at We have over 26 years of experience and we will be happy to help you in designing or material supply.


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