Posted by: glassblockblogger | October 19, 2015

Why Color Glass Blocks Can Be The Perfect Addition

Most people who inquire about our glass blocks do so in a rather conservative matter. Sure, glass block themselves are far from conservative, but color glass blocks take it a step further in terms of boldness. Most customers come in wanting the same thing out of glass blocks: limited visibility in terms of privacy, good lighting, sleek designs and something that “pops”. These are all good things and we are happy that our glass blocks offer them, but for the customers who come in and inquire about our color glass blocks, we get a little more excited.

Color Glass Block Window

Color glass blocks still give you the privacy factor, the lighting and most definitely something that “pops”, but it also gives you a whole different area of design that isn’t available with our non-color glass blocks. These colored blocks can be the perfect addition for your bathroom, living room, walkway or even as its own freestanding partition. Imagine being able to match the interior decor to your colored glass blocks. That would be one way to get some positive reactions and praise from your guests. Color glass blocks can also give you a year round, and free, supply of colored light that would brighten a room beautifully. If you may be thinking colored glass blocks are not as strong as regular glass blocks, then you are mistaken. These blocks are just as structurally sound as every other glass block, with the exception of our Vistabrik glass bricks, and can be used in any place a non-colored glass block can be.

Feel like having a glass block bar match the color of the room? Done. Blue Glass Block Bar

Color Glass Block PartitionWant to create a glass block partition to blend in with the kitchen? Done.

Want a giant window shedding colored light all over the place? Done!

If you are looking for a colored product a little different than our traditional 8″ x 8″ blocks, then let me tell you about our colored glass bricks. These color bricks come in rectangular which measure 9″ x 4.5″ x 2″ and square which measures 4.5″ x 4.5″ x 2″ and come in four colors: Clear, Royal Blue, Dark Amber and Nordique. These color bricks are more traditionally used in the accent type of application such as walkways, desks, tables or furniture in a restaurant.

The possibilities you can create with color glass block products are endless. They can become the perfect addition and really add an extra “wow factor” to your home. Our color glass blocks are sure to have a lasting impression on both you and those who see your masterpiece so do not be afraid to get a little crazy when it comes to glass blocks and color.

If you have any questions on color glass blocks do not hesitate contact us or comment below. We would love to hear your opinions! To learn more about Color Glass Blocks and how you can use them in your home, please visit our website at Call us at 800-635-1226 or email us at We have over 26 years of experience and we will be happy to help you in designing or material supply!

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