Posted by: glassblockblogger | December 7, 2015

Winter Weather and Glass Blocks

The cold Fall months will soon become the colder Winter months, and with that things change. One of the things affected by the colder weather and low temperatures, other than the real fun things like mowing the lawn and painting the deck, are exterior glass block projects.


Glass blocks installed in interior spaces are obviously not affected by the cold temperatures and sometimes harsh Winter weather, but exterior spaces are. For starters, there are only so few hours in the day where the natural sunlight sticks around before going back down making 4:30pm feel like 9pm. Additionally, when the snowy and freezing rain weather comes along, it leaves even fewer days good enough to install glass blocks into exterior spaces such as basement windows, entryways and other exterior window spaces. Glass blocks can be installed in the Winter months, but it isn’t as easy.

glass block window

We highly recommend that those who wish to get a glass block project started, or those who wish to get their glass block finished in time, to do so before the weather and temperature limits the number of suitable days available.

A benefit of glass blocks for the colder seasons is that they insulate much better than regular single-pane windows. This keeps the inside of you home or business feeling warmer thanks to a lesser amount of the hot air escaping. Concurrently, is also keeps the ice cold air from seeping into cracks and windows that aren’t 100% flush at a much higher rate. Our glass blocks can also come in handy when snow piles up near the foundation of the house. The sun may melt some of the snow away for weeks creating a small but constant water attack against the basement windows. Glass block basement windows act as actual bricks in a sense that water won’t seep through like it could with regular windows.

Eastern Glass Block is a local distributor of all Pittsburgh Corning glass block products. Winter season is slowly approaching and glass blocks can be a major benefit in more ways than one, but be sure not to wait around before the seasons make it harder! Give us a call at 800-635-1226 or email us at  so we can help you with your projects. For additional glass block products and information, check out our website at




  1. I would really like to know if acrylic glass block is better for cold weather areas than real glass block. These would not be for operable windows. We prefer real glass block but our builder says acrylic is better when it freezes. Your comments please.

    Todd Wiekhorst or 520-904-3600

    Thank you for taking the time to answer.

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