Posted by: glassblockblogger | March 29, 2016

These Unique Glass Block Windows Are All The Rage

For decades, glass blocks have been around in buildings and homes. You’ve probably seen them being used in basement window applications, or regular window applications, showers, or its own freestanding partition. The use of our glass blocks is well known and customers use them for many things such as those mentioned, and more. However, a somewhat new trend in the glass block world is continuously gaining popularity. This trend I am referring to is the creation of unique glass block windows. What makes these windows truly unique? Continue reading to find out.

Glass Block Window Collage

There have been many times where customers ask us if we can draw them a sketch of their proposed window idea. It isn’t too time consuming or troublesome since a majority of the time the dimensions we’re asked to sketch are similar from one customer to the next. This is where the aforementioned trend and creativity step in. When I say “unique glass block windows”, I actually mean unique because these windows are specifically designed by both the customer and us together. There isn’t a brochure you can open that shows these windows, because they are made up through back and forth between the customers and our design team. A very popular trend right now is mixing up different sizes, styles, and now color into one design that fit the available dimensions which leads us to the end result: a truly unique glass block window.

Beautiful, unique color accented window designed by the people at Pittsburgh Glass Block

Beautiful, unique color accented window designed by the people at Pittsburgh Glass Block

Mixing different sizes and styles has been gaining popularity for some time now, but the addition of mixing in color blocks as well is now starting on that same path. Many people consider glass block windows to be aesthetic, but some consider them to be plain. Alternatively, there are other people who see an opportunity to get creative and we relish in the fact that they want us to be the ones to work on their creative project. When we receive rough opening dimensions we immediately figure out the block count based on the customer’s block choice, which is easy after that. When the customer sees a picture of a unique window we have done, and then asks us about it wanting to know more and if they can also get something similar, it isn’t as easy, but is much more exciting and rewarding when the product is finished.

Blue glass blocks act as color accents in this small panel

Blue glass blocks act as color accents in this small panel

We have an extensive collection of colored glass blocks that give our customers a plethora or choices as well as many different sizes that give them a lot of different combinations to choose from. This is why each window is unique; it is catered to each customer’s own likes and wants, not based out of a magazine or brochure that makes them settle. If a customer wants it, our design team sketches and give it to them.

Beautiful glass block window highlighting the use of 2 different styles and 4 different colors.

Beautiful glass block window highlighting the use of 2 different styles and 4 different colors.


Color glass blocks are now being frequently used as color accents in glass block panels. They are thrown in the design to accentuate the room in which it is going in or to match decorations. Mixing these with different sizes and styles just makes for an absolutely unique window mainly designed by the customer, for the customer. We’re thrilled to see this trend continue to gain popularity as we are always looking to see new opportunities to grow.

We are more than happy to help you design your own truly unique glass block window. Our design team will work with you every step of the way to make sure this glass block window is exactly how you want it. Visit our website at to see our some of our products and what we’re all about. We have over 27 years experience and our knowledge is second to none. Give us a call at 800-635-1226 or shoot us an email at At Eastern Glass Block, customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. Let us help you design a product you can truly call your own.


  1. All very nice, the unusual thing being that it’s taken so long.

    My question is who makes prismatic light redirection blocks, either hollow or the old flat Luxfer prisms?

    These are extremely useful for daylighting applications, but in my periodic searches all I can find are antiques….

    While what the window looks like is important, how it functions is more important.

  2. Great article I think Glass Block windows will make a come back with new design implementations. Checkout some of my glass block work at accentmasonryllc/glassblock

  3. They are really unique, It’s very cool. I really love the design itself. Thank you for sharing this.

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