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Glass Block for Arts and Crafts

Glass Block for Crafters

New York, New Jersey, Boston, Philadelphia

A Glass Block craft is a great project for these Summer months. It’s Summer. But for many of us, it’s just too hot to go out. The unusual summer heat has caused many of us to consider inside projects. So, let’s look at what Glass Block has to offer.Eastern Glass Block craft flower

For instance, you can consider creating a glass block bank, a vase, a pen holder, or use lights in the Glass Block to brighten up a holiday. Glass block specialties make great gifts for collectors of unique items. And you can do it yourself.

The DecoBloc

Pittsburgh Corning has a versatile product line for Glass Block arts and crafts called DecoBloc. Since its introduction seventy years ago, Pittsburgh Corning’s genuine glass blocks have been used in innovative ways by artists and crafters to fashion beautiful and decorative creative expressions.

Proudly manufactured in Pennsylvania, U.S.A.. The product’s authenticity is rooted in the classic tradition of American craftsmanship. Its use in Deco-style architectural designs combined with its eye-pleasing dimensions and light-transmitting and light-diffusion characteristics makes it a wonderful foundation for a host of artistic uses.

No Drilling

When crafters look into using Glass Block for a DIY project, they are confronted with the need to drill into the glass to insert lights or decorations. Pittsburgh Corning’s DecoBloc eliminates this requirement.

Each DecoBloc is designed with a molded opening that you can use to insert a teddy bear or any decorative item. In addition, DecoBloc contains a special multi-use insert that goes into that molded opening that has three custom cap options. These custom caps allow you to easily transform your glass block treasures into a bank, canister, or decorative light, without drilling or cutting into the block.

DecoBloc comes in two sizes; 8″x8″x3″ and 6″x6″x3″, and two patterns; wavy and ice, creating options limited only by your imagination.

You can find great ideas at the Pittsburgh Corning DecoBloc site.


If you want to talk about ideas for Glass Block crafts, do not hesitate to call us here at Eastern Glass Block. We can do more to personalize your creation, such as specialized etchings. We love to share our ideas and experience.


  1. in Ohio around Dayton or Cincinnati oh where can I buy your blocks for crafts Thanks

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