Posted by: glassblockblogger | August 11, 2011

New Hospital Construction is Going Green

Environment Friendly Hospital Construction

New York, New Jersey, Boston, Philadelphia

Hospitals are focusing on being environmental stewards through greater use of “green” construction, as stated in a PRWEB.COM article that references a survey conducted by Health Facilities Management magazine and the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE).

Hillman Cancer Center

Hillman Cancer Center, Pennsylvania

More than two out of three respondents to that survey said they are specifying so-called “green” materials in most or all of their construction projects. About 60 percent of respondents also said their organization evaluates the cost/benefit of green construction methods for building projects.

Another example is Barry S. Rabner, president and CEO of Princeton HealthCare System who referred to the University Medical Center at Princeton in a January 14, 2010 article in NJ.COM saying “When we set out to build this project in 2002, we developed a series of guiding principles, and one was a commitment to creating an environmentally responsible and sustainable building,”

The trend for hospitals to be environmentally friendly is clear. In step with this trend is Pittsburgh Corning Glass Block. Glass Block provides environment friendly construction material that conserves energy while bathing the inside of the building with light.

Veterans Administration Hospital Chapel

Veterans Administration Hospital Chapel, Michigan

Pittsburgh Corning has examples of beautiful and functional implementations of this versatile U.S.A. produced product. Examples of this building material’s versatility is the Hillman Cancer Center in Pennsylvania, shown above, and the Veterans Administration Hospital Chapel in Michigan shown to the left, both using the Decora Pattern.

At Eastern Glass Block, we have a wealth of experience in commercial as well as residential construction. Call us if we can help with your environment friendly project.


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