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Replacing Basement Windows After Sandy the Super Storm Has Left the Region

Replacing Windows After Sandy
New York, New Jersey, Boston, Philadelphia

Sandy has left our part of the country and now decisions need to be made on which building materials to use for repairs and fortifying construction. The highest priority should be replacing the basement window with glass that is flood resistant and can stand up to flying debris. Especially since this so-called Super Storm may not have been a once in a lifetime occurrence.

The meteorologists attributed Sandy’s incredible power to having originated from the deep warm waters of the Caribbean. Sandy then met an arctic cold front from the West and a Low pressure system from the East giving birth to a Super Storm. Climate Watch Magazine

Was this Super Storm a unique occurrence, or, is this the new normal? A high energy storm hitting two other weather events is very unusual. However, the warm deep Caribbean water staying longer into the season may not be so unusual anymore.

As stated by Climate Watch Magazine on October 17, 2012, “We are nearing the end of the most active part of the Atlantic hurricane season, but as of October 16th, the layer of hurricane-friendly water was still plenty deep in the western Atlantic Ocean basin, especially in the Caribbean Sea.”.  Just a few days after this report, Sandy was born and headed for the Eastern coast of the United States.

As you decide on a replacement basement window, consider that this weather related catastrophe may well repeat itself, and not in the far distant future. You want to make sure that the window you install is flood resistant and able to withstand impacts from flying debris.

Glass Block has become an excellent solution with its ability to fill a room with light and also providing the security we need. Plus, they are attractive, both inside and outside, and easy to install.

Eastern Glass Block Basement Window Flood ResistantSome of the features of basement glass block windows are:

  • Visually stunning, pre-fabricated panels that are easy to install
  • No need for shutters
  • Protects against flying debris and hurricane force winds
  • Available with a range of visibility and privacy options
  • Greater security than conventional windows
  • Possibilities are limited only by your imagination

Replacing your basement window with glass block in a typical residence may cost $350 or less, in many cases. 

Contact us for more information on hurricane resistant glass block basement windows. Be prepared for severe weather in the future. But, do not sacrifice beauty for security and peace of mind. Contact Us at Eastern Glass Block


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