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Benefits of Glass Block over Stained Glass in a Church

Glass Block in a Religious Building
New York, New Jersey, Boston, Philadelphia

Many religious buildings were harmed or destroyed in recent tornadoes and hurricanes. These severe weather events, unfortunately, seem to be a trend and need to considered in reconstruction planning. Building materials need to represent the purpose of the building while still being practical. So, the question of alternatives to stain and colored glass arise.

St Clements of Rome

St Clements of Rome
Des Peres, MO

Glass Block is an excellent choice. This glass can stand up to strong winds and flying debris. Yet, the glass can be  installed with a selection of desirable colors producing murals that depict the religious purpose of the building. A special fusing process of a religious mural can be embedded directly into the Glass Block. This fusing process will stand up to weather, age and vandalism. Glass Block is maintenance free saving cost in future years.Colored Glass Block modern design

Often times, religious buildings such as churches house sacred and irreplaceable artifacts. There are the unforeseen catastrophes or perpetrators with intentions to harm or steal these treasures. Glass Block provides security for the contents of the church and its congregation.

Natural light will fill the church while maintaining energy efficiency and meeting LEED guidelines. Traffic noise from the outside is kept to a minimum keeping the church a quiet place for worship or meditation.

Eastern Glass Block provides Windows that meet these requirements:

  • FEMA 361–Air Pressure and Tornado Missile Impact Test– Two hits: 15 lbs., 2 x 4 @100 mph
  • FEMA 320–Taking Shelter From the Storm: Building a Safe Room For Your Home or Small Business
  • ICC/NSSA 500-2008
  • ASTM E330-02 – Standard Test Method for Structural Performance
  • Passed air pressure tests (+309/-413) psf., which equates to a wind speed of over 400 mph (with a 1.5 safety factor).

In a previous post called Tornado and Hurricane Resistant Glass Block, you can see a short video demonstrating the impact resistant qualities of Glass Block.

Glass Block is an excellent glass building material to enhance the exterior look of a church while maintaining a solemn and secure interior space. Contact Us at Eastern Glass Block

To learn more, call us at Eastern Glass Block. We have over 20 years of experience in residential and commercial Glass Block installation services. We love to share our knowledge.

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