Posted by: glassblockblogger | July 15, 2014

Glass Block with Pittsburgh Corning’s new Expressions Collection

Glass Block has always looked great on its own; It is stylish, cool, innovative and something to make a house or room stand out. Color glass block has been available, but now a whole new part of color glass block is available. Pittsburgh Corning has introduced their new “Expressions Collection”, which highlights new applications and uses for glass block that utilizes colors and words. You can custom order a glass block project project of yours to show a bigger image. Think of the single glass blocks as pixels for a TV screen; The pixels make the picture. Well now you can apply that concept with glass block, and not just by using different colors. You can add single letters or words with or without color for each block. The possibilities with this new application are endless.

A new twist to an already popular option, adding customizations such as these to your glass block project will surely make it feel like it is truly yours. This particular photo highlights a homeowner’s desire to use his glass block wall as a portrait for the periodic table of elements. The order was color specific as well as the words so it looks just like what you see out of a textbook. The color never fades throughout the years and the words stay true to the block for the remainder of their lifetime.

Beautiful Glass Block wall imprinted with the period table of elements

Eastern Glass Block- We Supply, We Install, We Deliver. We will arrange for drawing review and technical guidance, full sample selection, supply or delivery of glass blocks, professional installation, on-site assistance, and provide technical support after the job is completed, if needed. Call us at 800-635-1226. We are ready to help.

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