Posted by: glassblockblogger | July 18, 2014

Viewing The World Through Glass Block

Recently we came across something we have never seen before; photography through glass block. Photographer Andy Mars, a freelance and event photographer residing in New York City (, decided to get behind works of glass block and take pictures of people and other things as if she was a fly on the wall. Whether or not the world knew she was there taking those pictures, you could never tell. These pictures through glass block are a form of art I didn’t know was around. We asked Andy if we can use her work to spread it around through social mediums since it shows great picture-taking with glass block products.

02_Andy Mars_Subway Series_Man In Green Jacket

Andy Mars has her own Youtube channel where you can see some of her video related work and also a Houzz account to view more of her pictures. Her work is one of a kind. Despite taking all of her pictures, some of them look like a painting or drawing; it’s pretty cool to view and take them in.

Andy Mars has shown us another side of glass block work, work we can’t do or thought anyone was doing. It all looks great and it’s a wonderful idea to snap pictures of a “distorted reality” of unsuspecting bystanders so to speak. Everything looks calm in these pictures and it’s truly something you don’t see around everyday. Thank you Andy Mars for showing us these beautiful pieces of art.

 05_Andy Mars_Subway station series_Rush Hour08_Andy Mars_Subway Station Series_Couple Walking To Subway

11_Andy Mars_ Subway Station Series_Woman In Blue Skirt

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  1. This series is so inventive and creative! She is a true artist.

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