Posted by: glassblockblogger | August 21, 2014

Replacing Old Windows With Glass Block

A homeowner from Hudson, NY had recently contacted us with an idea regarding her garage attached to the side of her house. This home owner wanted to get rid of the old, plain and dirty glass windows she had and replace them with new and improved glass blocks. 2014081195151505 IMG_5795

This homeowner wanted the extra security, privacy, and to maintain a good flow of natural light. With glass block windows you get all of that as well as an improvement in the overall look of the space and location of the window. We did not alter the original brick frame of the window openings but rather worked around and with it. As you can see above, we filled in the extra space above each window with glass block mortar. She had looked at a few different glass blocks and decided upon using the Decora pattern glass blocks.

Along with using the Decora glass blocks, she also decided to have fresh air vents placed in each window as to not sacrifice circulation inside and convenience. IMG_0182

It can get so hot and suffocating around here for a few months so having the vents placed in the windows will make a huge difference on the inside. There is also less worry about insulation in the colder months because glass block windows are great at keeping the inside temperature how you want it to fight the temperature outside. At the end of the job, you can see two forms of similar masonry. The garage and house itself is made up of classic bricks and the windows are now made up of newer, slightly different “bricks”.

2014081195151417 IMG_6911

Nevertheless, the glass block windows in the garage came out looking great and everything went as smooth as it could have. If you have any older windows you would like to have replaced, or thought about replacing, give us a call so we can see about making that happen for you.

Eastern Glass Block– We Supply, We Install, We Deliver. We will arrange for drawing review and technical guidance, full sample selection, supply or delivery of glass blocks, professional installation, on-site assistance and provide technical support after the job is completed, if needed. Visit our site at Call us at 800-635-1226. We are ready to help.


  1. Great tutorial and pictures on replacing with glass block. Is it okay to use in my bathroom shower window?

    • Hey Replacement Windows Kansas City, thanks for checking out my post; glad you liked it. To answer your question, yes absolutely. You can use glass blocks for your actual shower or just your shower window; and if you’re thinking next whether to use mortar or silicone, you can use both. Most people choose mortar but silicone can be used alternatively. However, if you go that route you have to grout over the joints the next day. If you have any other questions just shoot me an email at

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