Posted by: glassblockblogger | September 29, 2014

Seasonal Change and Glass Block

Now that summer is over, the chilly, yet sometimes warm weather of fall is upon us. As the days get shorter the temperature gets colder leading into the brisk winter air. We all know when that time comes almost nobody is happy with the freezing and even sub-freezing temperatures. Everyone gets prepared for this cold during the Fall season, since the temperature is usually bearable. One other way you can prepare for the upcoming cold seasons are having glass block windows installed in your home.

Glass block windows are more insulated when compared to standard windows. Glass block windows are thicker keeping the warmer air in and the cooler air out as well as being airtight so none of that good temperature escapes. Having a glass block window instead of a standard window also adds the fact of added light. There is no need for curtains for privacy so the room or house will have a natural light and curtain effect. 9

So with the added bonus of insulation and now light, there is also style. No standard window looks quite as good as a nicely done glass block window. While the privacy factor remains high, the house looks vibrant at nighttime and subtly stylish during the day time. When that snow and wind comes in full force, a glass block window will stand up to it without a problem. Glass block windows also are very strong against other objects and do not break easy. Using standard windows lets air escape from inside and travel outside and vice-versa. Glass block windows alleviate that problem which can help you save on the energy or gas bill when heating up your home. C13301

So when the weather gets colder and you look for options to insulate your home, consider a glass block window. Highlighted are the benefits for cold weather, but there are also many other added benefits regardless of the seasons.

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