Posted by: glassblockblogger | November 13, 2014

Use Mortarless Glass Block For Your Next DIY Home Improvement Project

When planning your next do-it-yourself Glass Block project, you should consider a glass block mortar-less installation alternative. The result will be a professional look for a fraction of the time investment.

Mortarless glass block

To begin your design, determine the type of glass block that you want to use on your project. Be aware that although glass block is strong, it cannot be a load bearing structure. All construction above glass block panels must be independently supported. The different glass block shapes are used to accomplish different looks and purposes. For example;

  • Rectangular or straight blocks are used to build straight walls.
  • Finishing units are rounded on one or two sides and are used to complete open edges and corners of projects.
  • Shaped blocks are used to turn corners or create curves.

At this point in the design, you can consider the use of decorative glass block to add a splash of color. Or, utilize the many different options of colored glass block as the focal point of your project. So, feel free to be creative in your design and expectations. Glass Block is extremely versatile.

Now comes installation planning. The ProVantage® Glass Block Installation System is excellent for that DIY project. It uses spacers to precisely align each glass block for you. The blocks are held in place by horizontal and vertical spacers and are bonded together with silicone.

ProVantage® Glass Block Installation System using HEDRON® Corner Block



The ProVantage Glass Block System comes in two versions, ProVantage I and ProVantage II. You should pick the best method for your project.

The ProVantage I method may be used to install projects framed on two, three, or four sides. This is a mortar-less installation system for Premiere Series glass block straight panels using perimeter channels. This method is used to install straight walls in 4-sided openings. In this method, glass block panels are installed in perimeter channel.

The ProVantage II method is used to install straight and 90° angled walls and straight walls framed on at least two sides. In this method, glass block panels are secured to the wall using special wall anchors. The maximum opening size for exterior panels is 50 square feet, framed on all four sides. The maximum opening size for interior panels is 85 square feet, framed on at least two sides. The joints of these panels can be finished with ProVantage®Glass Block Surface Grout. Sealant finishing can only be used on straight walls in 4-sided openings, and it is not recommended for wet environments.

Here is a video so you can see the installation steps of a typical ProVantage project.

Call us at Eastern Glass Block to discuss your Glass Block installation project. We love to share our expertise to help you have a successful project. If you choose for us to install your glass block, you are involved in the total project to the level that you choose. You will have the pride of designing and managing the project that results in a solution that fits your specific need. Call us at 800-635-1226; or email us at

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