Posted by: glassblockblogger | June 4, 2015

Top 3 Reasons For Upgrading To A Glass Block Shower

Everyone has at least 1 full bathroom in their home, some even have 2. For those fortunate enough to have 2 showers or tubs in their homes they know how enjoyable the space can be. For those with only 1 full bathroom, limited space can be a hiccup in design and functionality. There are a few ways to save on space when remodeling a bathroom and an increasingly popular option is with a glass block shower.

In this article we’ll explore the 3 most popular reasons upgrading to a glass block shower makes sense for many families.

Glass Block Shower with Icescapes glass blocks

Glass Block Shower with Icescapes glass blocks

Reason #1: Space Saver

Glass block showers can be designed and laid out to make a square or curved line to meet your needs or design preferences. This can be done using angled, cornered or curved glass blocks. Tubs take up unnecessary space that can be better utilized. Choosing a doorless glass block shower can provide ease of entry and eliminates the need for a swinging door. Now if you’re thinking “Oh but wouldn’t water escape since there is nothing keeping it in the shower?”, no worries. Escaping water is not a problem with doorless showers since they are curved to entice the water back towards the drain.

Reason #2: Limitless Accessibility

Who doesn’t love being a host to those out of town, elderly in-laws or having grandma and grandpa come to family get-togethers? One challenge can be having a regular shower and tub which could present a problem. Elderly people have trouble walking over even the smallest of heights depending on their physical condition. If Grandma Anne wants to shower and you have a traditional tub then she is at an impasse. If your bathroom had a doorless glass block shower, then she could get in and out with ease. Wouldn’t that make life that much easier. Glass block showers have a small curb to walk over, or can be designed to have no curb at all and no curtain to move out of the way so all she has to do is walk in and walk out. Additionally, glass block showers can also have a bench installed which is great for the young and the old.

Curbless Icescapes glass block shower with a step-down design

Curbless Icescapes glass block shower with a step-down design

Reason #3: Low Maintenance

If you’re like most people you hate to clean your shower. You never really know why it gets so dirty, it just does. Cleaning a shower can be annoying, tedious and disgusting. Traditional showers require frequent maintenance whereas glass block showers do not. Glass blocks are naturally easy to clean due to their stain resistant properties. Glass blocks are also durable so there is no need to worry about the shower wall faulting and breaking down. Upgrading from a traditional shower to a glass block shower will eliminate the need for you to try and figure out why the shower is always so dirty and leave more time to relax. This newly found spare time can be used to entertain your grandparents or check out a ball game.

To learn more about Glass Block Showers and how you can use them in your home, please visit our website at Call us at 800-635-1226 or email at We have over 26 years of experience and we will be happy to help you in designing or material supply.


  1. I like what you said about getting a glass shower installed since it’s low maintenance. My sister wants to make cleaning her home easier in the coming weeks. I’ll share this information with her so that she can look into her options for glass professionals who can help her with this.

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