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Top 4 Reasons To Get Glass Block Basement Windows

Basement windows can be a constant worry among homeowners. Their faults are annoying, like a thorn in your leg or a splinter in your hand. Single pane basement windows are the most common in homes because they are cheap for builders to use. However, these single pane windows are also easy to break and are known to cause homeowners many problems. In this article, I will touch on the top four reasons people choose to get glass block basement windows.

Reason #1: Security And Air Flow

Glass blocks are the most secure building material to replace a single pane window. This product offers a level of security that is unmatched by any other alternative. Single pane windows are susceptible to break-ins, whereas a glass block basement window is not because it acts as a brick wall. Glass block basement windows can be put together with either silicone or mortar. Additionally, you can even choose to get a fresh air vent installed into the window to give you the opportunity to enjoy a nice cross breeze. Now if you are thinking “How does a vent go into the glass blocks?”, it doesn’t. Fresh air vents actually take the space of a few glass blocks and it sits in the middle of them. Like the glass blocks themselves, it is also airtight and secure so a basement window with a vent is just as strong and secure as one without a vent.

Complete privacy offered with this glass block basement window

Complete privacy offered with this glass block basement window

Reason #2: Efficiency

Another benefit of glass block basement windows are their high levels of efficiency. As the weather gets really hot and really cold, heating and cooling bills generally rise to keep a comfortable temperature inside. This isn’t news to anyone living in the northeastern part of the United States. Complaining about the extreme weather spectrum we endure seems to make it a little more tolerable. Anyway, you aim to keep the house at a comfortable temperature which can only be assisted by having airtight windows around the house. One of the most common culprits of escaping air is a basement window. They are often not airtight and air from inside goes right out as the air from the outside seeps in mercilessly. If you ever have walked into your basement in the winter for laundry or chores (I assume most of you have), then you know exactly how cold a basement can get from this reason alone. Glass block basement windows are as airtight as you can get. They seal off the window space better than any alternative which will bring down the level of escaping air during extreme weather seasons. During the hot summers, you can have a glass block basement window installed with a vent to let in a breeze to further cool the basement as well.

Ventless glass block basement window done with silicone

Ventless glass block basement window done with silicone

Reason #3: Flooding

Maybe the most popular reason people choose glass block basement windows is for flooding. Almost everyone knows someone or has personally been affected by leaky basement windows. Flooding in basement can ruin many personal items, not to mention the house itself. During severe rainstorms, or even constant days with rain, homeowners with these faulty windows constantly worry about water getting in or frequently have to check to see if the basement is still dry. Glass block basement windows produce a high level of water resistance, whether they are done with silicone or mortar. They act as if they are real bricks when it comes to water – they provide an excellent barrier against water. For a majority of basement jobs we do, the homeowner’s reason for the upgrade was to stop water damage from their single pane windows. No other window alternative can act as a brick wall and a window at the same time.

Vented glass block basement window with complete privacy

Vented glass block basement window with complete privacy

Reason #4: Privacy

Glass block basement windows offer a level of privacy that other windows cannot. Normal basement windows are either easy to see through or the homeowner gets curtains to block out unwanted access. Putting up curtains blocks out the light coming in and can cause the need to have light on in the basement every time you go down there. Glass block basement windows eliminate these problems. There are patterns of blocks which offer complete privacy. Some glass block styles offer more privacy than others, but they all offer more privacy than any clear glass basement window can. Additionally, without curtains the sunlight can come right in without worrying about people being able to see. If you want a vent with your glass block window it doesn’t bring down the window’s level of privacy either.

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