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4 Benefits Glass Block Windows Give Your Home

Single pane windows are a nuisance to homeowners. They require frequent maintenance, seasonal changes for insulation, changing curtains and shades and often need repair. Although they are commonly used, they are not the most beneficial to you or your home. Single pane windows are used when designing and building a new home primarily because they are cheap and can be bought at any home improvement store. Glass blocks can provide many upgrades and benefits that regular windows cannot. In the article below, I will go over a few of the ways that glass block windows will benefit your home.

Glass Block Window

Glass Block Window

Benefit #1 – Energy Efficiency

Single pane windows are not known for their energy efficiency. In the winter months, it is common for homeowners to essentially “wrap” their windows with plastic or covering to limit the cold air coming in. There are different ways to temporarily insulate your windows when the weather gets drastically hot or cold, but none work as well as a glass blocks insulation and efficiency. Glass block windows prevent inside air from escaping and outside air from entering which reduce your heating or cooling bills. The airtight mortared seal these windows create is something single pane windows will never be able to do.

Benefit #2 – Light/Transparency

For those who like to have a room as bright as possible (like many people I know who constantly leave on light switches) the electricity bill might be a little expensive. Additionally, constantly opening their curtains or shades to let the light in each day can be a hassle. Glass block windows eliminate blighting costs and the need for curtains and offer you completely natural light. The blocks can provide a room with an equal or greater amount of light when compared to artificial light. What’s more, it is completely free! There is no more need to keep on all the lights to see clearly when glass blocks can utilize the sunlight to do that for you. Even at nighttime, the moonlight will shine through providing you with a softer light that rivals being outside.

Stair Design Glass Block Window

Stair Design Glass Block Window

Benefit #3 – Privacy

Every homeowner has been through the process of picking out curtains or shades that let in a good amount of light without offering a clear view of the inside. In addition – privacy. What’s nice about glass blocks is they provide a level of privacy that regular windows will never possess. Glass block windows don’t need curtains or shades because the patterns on the different block styles distort vision. Looking from the outside in, a person walking by would not be able to see anything clearly which eliminates the need for window shades and curtains. An additional bonus they also offer is noise reduction. The blocks provide you with a level of soundproofing that thin, single pane windows can’t. This is a fantasy those who live near busy intersections or in school zones will appreciate.

Benefit #4 – Security

Everyone knows how fragile a thin glass window can be. Almost everyone has broken one or two by accident in their younger years (I know I have) so you know just how easy it is. Furthermore, it is also extremely easy for someone with bad intentions to get into your home. Windows are the most common way intruders get into people’s homes. They are easily broken, can be easily taken off the track and provide little resistance to force. Glass block windows are the exact opposite as they can’t be easily broken, can’t be dismantled easily and provide resistance to force. Glass blocks can act as a brick wall and a window concurrently. As an added benefit, they hold up great against extreme weather which provides great relief to the homeowners.

Beautiful And Secure Glass Block Window

Beautiful And Secure Glass Block Window

Do you have any questions or comments regarding glass blocks? Feel free to comment or shoot us an email and we will be happy to get back to you. To learn more about Glass Block Windows and how they can improve your home, please visit our website at Call us now at 800-635-1226 or email at We have over 26 years of experience and we will be happy to help you in designing or material supply.


  1. I’ve always liked the look of the classic glass blocks – and knowing it’s actually energy efficient is great! I definitely will have to look more into how much it saves people on heating or cooling their homes. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sky lighting & outside recreation glass blocks.

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