Posted by: glassblockblogger | November 1, 2016

Transforming This Long Island Apartment One Glass Block At A Time (Part 1)

When you have an older style apartment and want to keep it that way through remodeling, it can be difficult to find what you’re looking for without sacrificing from the overall design theme. Some people call past styles “outdated” or “boring”, but when used correctly in the perfect design theme those words are simply stated – incorrect. In this particular instance we have a couple, we’ll call them Jill and Bill, who have exactly this: an idea to maintain the older look of their soon-to-be “new and improved” studio apartment. Jill and Bill called us looking for that hard to find glass block style and needless to say they’ve found just what they were looking for! Read on to see how Eastern Glass Block will help transform Jill and Bill’s idea from conceptual to physical.

Jill and Bill live in Florida and Long Island. They move back and forth between the two states and had decided to transform their Long Island apartment into two studio-style apartments. Bill has a passion for antiques and was adamant at the idea of using glass blocks as the key to the division of the apartment. As it stands now, there is a small hallway in the middle of the apartment under an old-style skylight that is all original.

This hallway (shown below) is where the glass block is going to be located. It will act as a privacy wall to separate”Apartment A” from “Apartment B”. Just in case you were thinking “What about the main door?”, well there is already two doors, one for each apartment.


Jill and Bill had the idea to use a glass block wall in the middle of this hallway, which is directly under a skylight (below). The windows in this apartment are located on the East and West sides so light comes in all day long, one of the reasons for wanting glass block in the middle. What Bill had a concern about was the privacy offered by a glass block wall. When I arrived at the apartment and showed Jill and Bill the sample of glass block we wanted to use they couldn’t be happier. Unlike the glass blocks they’ve seen in many windows and showers, they needed one a little more opaque, a little more private and we had just the thing. Once they knew the glass block wall would allow maximum light, be secure and private there was nothing else for us to do…yet.


Eastern Glass Block is slated to complete this job in February 2017 and this story is to be continued…

* Don’t forget to check back this February for Part 2! *

If you have any ideas on how to use glass blocks in your design theme, do not hesitate to call us at 973-777-8989 (local) or 800-635-1226 (nationwide). Feel free to email us at for general inquiries or for expert advice on glass blocks and their potential to assist you. Visit out website at and don’t forget to check us out on Houzz and Pinterest!

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