Posted by: glassblockblogger | September 19, 2016

2 Most Common Ways To Use Color Glass Blocks

Glass block has a naturally aesthetic look to it that has been around for decades. Those who were around for its inception into homes still enjoy what it has to offer in terms of actual benefits and looks. For those who aren’t as familiar with it, many of our articles highlight the benefits glass blocks offer architecturally and how it has been used. You can pretty much use it anywhere and although many people like the classic clear, somewhat distorted look, there are a good number of people who enjoy the colors glass blocks come in too. Here are the 2 most common ways color glass blocks can be used in your home design.


Glass Block Windows

As mentioned above, most people are satisfied with glass block windows without color. The other group of people who enjoy a little color show a little more boldness in their creativity. A glass block window in a home will catch the eyes of bystanders and onlookers, but a glass block window with color will force them to observe and examine the window like the piece of art it actually is. Colored glass blocks stand out especially when the sun hits those blocks. With the nice Summer weather we are now enjoying, the sun will make those color blocks sparkle from the outside. On the inside, the room will glare with the color of blocks in that window. Not only will the room be very bright from the non-colored glass blocks, the color glass blocks will add a brightness and a color shadow too. It would be like a stained glass window, only much brighter.

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Glass Block Shower

Even a little glass block shower can be big. They can help you remodel even the tiniest of bathrooms by maximizing space using a walk-in design. There are multiple colors to choose from for the people who want and like to match decor in a room. For the purpose of a shower wall, matching the curtains or tiles with a color glass block can really be a difference maker in overall appearance. Whether that matching comes in the form of a few color blocks placed sporadically throughout a mostly non-color glass block wall, or if the glass block wall is entirely color, the bathroom would be an inviting room similar to a living room.


While these are only two design options, the number of colors available are large enough to make either of these glass block ideas completely unique and personalized. What has become increasingly popular are glass block windows mixing styles and sizes. Now more recently, homeowners have taken it a step further and mixed in sizes, styles and color blocks to create something you can’t find in any book, brochure or store. It is truly a great way to personalize your home or any room with our favorite color or color schemes.


To learn more about color glass blocks and how we use them in home design, leave us a comment or send me an email at If you are interested in your very own color glass block window or shower wall, please call us at 800-635-1226. Feel free to check out our website at to see more of what we do. We have over 26 years and counting in the glass block industry and we would love to help you color your life.


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