Posted by: glassblockblogger | May 2, 2017

Glass Block Windows Made Easy

For some time now, glass blocks have been a cornerstone in “retro” design, but deceptively prominent in modern design as well. With the many uses of glass blocks becoming more apparent to homeowners, they have continued to be incorporated into both renovations and ground-up projects. Often, glass block was primarily installed “on-site” like you would regular bricks, but now it’s become a bit different. More homeowners are willing to take on the challenge of a DIY glass block project, to some extent. It isn’t a piece of cake to do the first time around, or the tenth, but what we like to do now for those wanting a glass block window is offer them our prefabricated glass block windows.

The easier way to now fill a window space with glass blocks is to work with us to model a preassembled glass block window. We can have a window premade with a white vinyl or sandstone frame, or without a frame altogether and built with either mortar or silicone depending on your needs, application and design choice. Choosing to go with a preassembled glass block window lets us do the hard part, meaning the assembly and sealing while leaving you with the task of putting it in place. When these panels are assembled in a frame (easier for first-timers) the installation is made easier due to the frame’s nailing flanges, and yes they have weep holes too. The only catch with a framed glass block window is that it has to be assembled with silicone.

For those who do not wish to have a frame encasing their preassembled glass block window, the frameless options leaves you to choose between mortar or silicone assembly. When installing a frameless prefabricated panel made with mortar, unlike the framed panel, you simply have to just mortar the perimeter and fit the window in there for it to set. Some people I’ve spoken to when designing their window like the all glass look silicone gives you since the silicone is clear, while other people like the look of mortar as it resembles classical brick lines. The glass blocks we like to premake our windows with are ones that offer a solid balance between light transparency and privacy. Choosing between framed or frameless is essentially a choice of preference. Maybe the frame compliments the accents or decor in room, or maybe the frameless panel looks better when tile is brought right up to its edge.

Whether you want to beef up the security of your current window openings, renovate the design or curb appeal of your home, waterproof a troublesome window or just try something new, a preassembled glass block window could be the perfect semi-DIY project to take on. We’ll build it, you finish er’ off.

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  1. Hello
    I’m interested in getting a glass block panel made up
    29inches x 29inches or lose to that
    it’s for my bathroom in an older mobile home
    Ric Steed

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