Posted by: glassblockblogger | July 12, 2017

DIY Bathroom Remodel Using Glass Blocks

Homeowners all over the country, mainly the East coast are finding that remodeling their current home is a solid alternative over selling and buying a new home. The bathroom is an excellent room to have a DIY remodeling project that adds elegance to their home.

Bathroom remodels using dreamy bathtubs and showers are featured in this HGTV post. The use of light in bathrooms is so important. Light is critical to the luxury and leisure effect that you want from your bathroom. After all, this is your retreat, your place of seclusion and rest.EXTERIOR_25

Glass block can easily enhance the light while at the same time providing privacy and energy efficiency, similar yet completely different than those remodels in the HGTV post above.

While you are soaking in the tub, you may not be thinking about the utility bill. As a matter of fact, you should not be thinking about anything like that. But, while you are not in the room, there is a piece of mind knowing the light filling it is energy-efficient.

Light is so important to the elegance factor. But, not all of us have a great deal of space between us and our neighbors. We want piece-of-mind knowing that we are filling the room with light without losing our privacy.

819c531f-4492-4f4f-a7ca-ae4fc3a93415For that DIY person, prefabricated glass block windows are an excellent choice. A glass block lock window installs just like a regular glass window so there isn’t anymore mystery involved. You will just need to place the glass block in the window opening and fasten along the built-in nailing fins which are now set back 1¼” to fit all siding and stucco applications. The glass block is bonded with silicone for an all-glass look, so there’s no need to hire skilled labor – and there’s no clean-up hassle. For those who like the look of mortar to mimic the classic brick layout, this is also a possibility. Alternatively, if you do in fact like the brick look which uses mortar for assembly, a frame with nailing fins is no longer an option and a frameless panel would be the choice for you.Eastern Glass Block LightWise Unique Features

What really sets the prefabricated glass block window apart from the crowd is simple: it’s real glass block. Pre-made glass block windows will not scratch, burn or discolor, providing years of timeless beauty. Plus, no other window system looks quite like a real glass block window. You get the security, durability, and beauty of glass block for about the same price as any other specialty window. These made-to-order glass block windows are available in two distinctive patterns, Wavy or Ice (or both), allowing you to control privacy and light transmission.

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