Posted by: glassblockblogger | September 18, 2017

Vinyl-wrapped Glass Block Windows

Becoming more popular than ever, pre-made glass block windows in a white vinyl frame could be the perfect addition or remedy for your commercial or residential project. Even though these white vinyl-wrapped glass block windows are not a new thing to the industry, we feel a good amount of people still don’t know this is an option they can choose to go with when considering using glass blocks for a remodel or new construction project. Traditionally, glass blocks have been built on-site, similar to bricks, but this has also been carried the misconception of being “the best way”. It’s not that laying the blocks on-site, one-by-one isn’t a great way to do your glass block project, but sometimes it also means it’s the most work, or inefficient.

Prefabricated glass block windows are built in the warehouse, then shipped directly to your door or jobsite for you to install as a DIY project, or via a contractor. Going with this option eliminates the work and time required to assemble the window on site as previously mentioned and gives you a nice white frame around it (as most people like). When doing glass block windows this way, the frame comes with built in weep holes and nailing fins for a relatively simple and easy install process. The prepare the opening for the installation of this window, all you’d need to do is line the opening with some 2x4s (if the opening isn’t wood already) and sit tight while the preassembled window makes its way to you.

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The only drawback of choosing a vinyl-wrapped glass block window is this: the dimensions of the window have to be in modules of 8″. For example, if you have a 34″x 58″ rough opening, you could get a 32″x 56″ glass block panel. The rough opening for a window like this would be 33-3/16″x 56-9/16″, so you see it is still relatively close to your existing rough opening despite the fact that the glass block window is smaller. For dimensions in multiples of 8″ (32″x 48″, 24″x 56″x 48″x 48″ etc…) the windows can be done using a mixture of blocks as you can see on our gallery page on our website here (see top right) , or by keeping it simple and traditional.

A prefabricated, vinyl-wrapped glass block window can be used for bathrooms, shower windows, living rooms, garage windows, basement windows, kitchen backsplashes and more. These windows can be the perfect touch on a tricky project that requires light, privacy, and size constraints as some do.

Feel free to contact us via phone, email or through one of our many social media to ask us any questions you may have about prefabricated glass block windows. You can reach us at 973-777-8989 (local), 800-635-1226 (nationwide) or for a quote, design assistance or any questions about the windows or your project. Be sure to check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Houzz!




  1. This is really a nice looking frame for the windows, I hope it is effective during summers to give that perfect insulation and saves on energy bills because more and more home owners are looking for the energy efficient solutions these days.

  2. Can u mail me a brochure or catalog for a walk in shower kit? Julie Smith 9490 US Hwy 87 E lot 4 SanAntonio, Tx 78263

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