Posted by: glassblockblogger | March 22, 2011

The Role Glass Block Plays Concerning Climate Change

We sometimes come in conflict with our fundamental needs. We are driven to create things that are beautiful, while at the same time maintaining safety and security.

This challenge is amplified when we hear the debate on climate change and the weather patterns that may be intensified. Mark Twain commented during a speech on the weather in the Northeast in 1876 saying that “One of the brightest gems in the New England weather is the dazzling uncertainty of it.”.

Uncertainty continues to play out in the climate debate today. In the paper Indicators of Climate Change in the Northeast, it states that over the past 100 years, and especially 1970 through 2000, climate change indicators for the region reveal a warming trend.

A Post from August of 2010 in the Northeast Weather Blog states that as the El Nino diminished, so did Earth’s temperatures resulting in  a decade of slightly cooler temperatures since 2000. In addition, the Northeast Quadrant adds that although the La Niña, which causes more hurricanes, will be turning to a more neutral phase for this Summer (2011) does not necessarily mean there is less of a threat of a major hurricane season. “During a La Niña phase there was an average of about 4 major storms formed during those seasons. Now here comes the shocker, there were actually more storms formed during a Neutral phase (which we are heading into this Summer), then were formed during the dreaded La Niña years…So although it is fun to read the preseason predictions when it comes to each Hurricane Season. Always remember that it is not an exact science.”

As the years go on, Mark Twain’s words become more poetic, and prophetic.

For peace of mind, we must plan our living spaces with security and safety at the forefront. Then comes the task of incorporating beauty with safety and security.

Glass Block from Eastern Glass BlockGlass Block has become an excellent solution by its ability to provide an aesthetically pleasing space with the security we demand. As an example, LightWise Hurricane Resistant glass block windows from Eastern Glass Block meet the large missile impact tests referenced in the International Building Code and Dade County Approval Protocols. Plus, they are attractive and easy to install. You get privacy and light aesthetics that you can only get with Glass Block.

Some of the features of LightWise Hurricane Resistant glass block windows are:

  • Visually stunning, pre-fabricated panels that are easy to install
  • No need for shutters
  • Protects against flying debris and hurricane force winds
  • Available with a range of visibility and privacy options
  • Greater security than conventional windows
  • Possibilities are limited only by your imagination

Anyone who’s ever experienced a hurricane knows that hurricane force winds are powerful, but the real danger comes in the form of flying debris. That means, if you’re designing a building to withstand a hurricane, it needs to be able to stand up to flying debris as well. Glass Block, such as LightWise Hurricane Resistant glass block windows are an excellent choice.

For more information on hurricane resistant Glass Block, contact us. We can go over the specifications and answer any questions you have. Planning for uncertainty is as important today as it was in the day of Mark Twain.


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