Posted by: glassblockblogger | July 10, 2013

Creative Glass Block is Great for a Remodel or New Construction Project

Creative Glass Block will enhance any modern home design during a remodel of an internal room that needs light or a splash of color. Not only are the design choices nearly endless, the material itself provides security while using color to naturally decorate an inside room.

As Love to Know, Home Improvement says, “Colored glass block walls allow homeowners to create a unique look to various areas of their homes. From bathrooms to outdoor kitchens, your wall can be a work of art.”.Creative Glass Eastern Glass Block

In previous posts, we’ve talked about the fire-resistant characteristic of glass block, its energy saving capabilities, the privacy it offers without blocking light, and more. But, its ability to create a warm ambiance in your interior rooms is equally unique.

You can add creative glass block design by randomly putting color blocks into a wall, adding a stripe of color, or make the whole wall with our brilliant color options. You can use our standard colors or develop a custom color especially for your décor.

How is Color Glass Made?

Eastern Glass BlockColor Glass Block is made by using an exclusive glass fusion process, these designs are not decals or paintings – they use specialized color glass that is fused to a glass block. Whether you use a standard color or mural design, using this process does not change the original specifications of the glass blocks!
  • Virtually any custom design can be put on the glass blocks.
  • 40 standard colors, 120 single block designs, and over 55 multiple block wall-art murals available.
  • Glass on glass fusion for durability (cannot be scraped off!)

The Looking at Glass blog asks the question “When you think about glass block windows do you imagine a square, boring windows?”. In response to that question, they provide great examples from Zenteriors of creative glass brick that will give you ideas for your next home project.

If you have questions about what the options are using glass block, or you just want to throw around ideas with someone, you can give us a call at Eastern Glass Block. (800.635.1226) We have been designing and installing Glass Block designs for over twenty years serving New York and New Jersey. We would love to share our experience with you.

Let us know what you think.

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