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Architects Looking for a Versatile Glass Product for Commercial Projects

Architects in search of a building material that provides ample light transmission, while at the same time stands up to severe conditions created by nature and man, will find glass block to be the solution.

The comprehensive variety of glass block systems, patterns, styles, and sizes all work together to produce a total industrial strength solution for any commercial project.PNC Park Glass Block

Glass Block is impact and ballistic resistant. Pittsburgh Corning solid 3″VISTABRIK® glass block resists penetration from high-impact ballistics, including 9mm and .357 magnum bullets. VISTABRIK® glass blocks are UL® tested and component recognized for ballistic levels 1, 2, and 6.

In addition, energy conservation is critical in any building project being designed today. Glass block can provide more than double the thermal resistance (R-Value) of single-glaze 1/8″ thick plate glass.

Then there is the need to implement a sustainable design. Glass block, made largely from sand and limestone, is 100 percent recyclable, inert, low maintenance, and highly durable.

When a building is set in an urban setting, protecting the occupants from the city’s noise without placing them in a dungeon-like environment filled with artificial light is a requirement. Three inches of solid glass makes VISTABRIK® a dense barrier to sounds from trains, traffic, crowds, sirens, and machinery with a 53 STC level. THICKSET® Series Block STC ranges between 48-50, and Premiere Series Glass Block 35 to 40. The result is a room void of city noise and filled with Daylighting.

An important feature of glass block, critical to safe building design, is the product’s inherent fire-resistance property. By varying the face thickness of the product and conforming to installation specifications, Pittsburgh Corning is able to offer a family of fire rated products approved and rated according to Underwriters Laboratory (UL®)‚ standards.

As their further dedication to the architectural community, Pittsburgh Corning provides free online education course through AEC Daily that are AIA and USGBC approved and also meets AIA Sustainable Design and HSW requirements. Visit their website at

Contact Us at Eastern Glass BlockServices and products are available through Eastern Glass Block. We will arrange for drawing review and technical guidance, full sample selection, professional installation, on-site assistance, and provide technical support after the job is completed, if needed. Call us. We are ready to help.


  1. […] Architects Looking for a Versatile Glass Product for Commercial Projects […]

  2. […] Architects Looking for a Versatile Glass Product for Commercial Projects […]

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