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Daylighting Saves Energy and Improves Living Space

Daylighting with Glass Block
New York, New Jersey, Boston, Philadelphia

In the design of a home or commercial building, the choices for lighting are either artificial light; or to bring in natural light.

Daylighting is the process of using natural light for illumination rather than the use of artificial light. As the Daylighting Collaborative states, “Daylighting is the result of a combination of art and science, of architecture and engineering.”

If the design and material choice are done properly, even a cloudy day can produce effective lighting in an internal space. The benefits are reduced energy costs and a more pleasant living area.Daylighting from Eastern Glass Block

The use of natural light is critical in Sustainable Design. While the use of no single construction material can earn LEED® (leadership in energy & environmental design) points, Daylighting and Daylighting products can be part of an overall strategy to earn LEED points in several categories.

The choices in building materials to achieve Daylighting are many. For decades, Pittsburgh Corning has helped architects achieve successful Daylighting strategies through the use of its iconic Glass Block. Today, with new advances in pre‐fabricated and custom engineered architectural systems, Pittsburgh Corning is offering a complete line of Daylighting possibilities – those limited only by the imagination.

The R-value for Premiere Series glass block is 1.96 – more than twice the R-value for flat, single-pane glazing (Thinline™ Series glass blocks have slightly lower R-values of 1.75). You can add the benefits of increased protection from solar heat gain with LX FIBROUS GLASS INSERTS. In addition, Glass Block’s horizontal joints produce a louvering effect, which helps reduce light transmission from the higher sun. This degree of insulation comes to you without the maintenance and upkeep demands of your conventional windows.

For Daylighting, Glass Block offers versatility in design, efficient use of light, and pleasing aesthetics.

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  1. […] the beauty of Glass Block, customers benefit from its effective light transmission creating environment friendly living spaces. Glass Block also provides added security because of its fire and impact resistance […]

  2. Great concise article on Daylighting. Glass Blocks are great for daylighting; have seen them used many times. Never knew they were called “glass blocks” but makes so much sense!

    • Thanks for reading my blog…………..Ron Clelland, Eastern Glass Block

  3. […] Block contributes to natural Daylighting and creates an appealing indoor environment. In short, no other comparable building material […]

  4. […] When a building is set in an urban setting, protecting the occupants from the city’s noise without placing them in a dungeon-like environment filled with artificial light is a requirement. Three inches of solid glass makes VISTABRIK® a dense barrier to sounds from trains, traffic, crowds, sirens, and machinery with a 53 STC level. THICKSET® Series Block STC ranges between 48-50, and Premiere Series Glass Block 35 to 40. The result is a room void of city noise and filled with Daylighting. […]

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  7. […] A glass block window is also great for security and energy efficiency while still maintaining daylighting needs in our living […]

  8. There are lots of references to glass block used from 198980-1970 to redirect light from the front to the interior of a building…but there don’t seem to be any sources. #M makes a microprisim redirection film which seems similar–but only sells it out of Japan for video displays…sure like to find sources.

    This seems to be a problem I run into every time I try to find any solution which isn’t carried by the major building supplies stores..not unlike the problem of finding energy-erfficient appliances in this country…they exist, but nobody seems to actually sell them, since they’re hard to locate, people buy the most efficient available–which is often very inefficient.

    It’s very difficult to purchase environmentally responsible products if they’re not sold widely, few people are willing to seek them out, and the unit sales tend to be so low the prices are correspondingly high.

    Many of the designs which are efficient are sold only for commercial users, and are priced as appropriate for the much smaller market, most consumer stuff is overpriced junk designed to sell at the lowest price–many smaller items are so poor that they are DOA at home–but people just toss them instead of returning them and complaining…

    Are there any sources carrying multiple lines of quality efficient materials and appliances?


  9. […] with an 80% light transmittance, Glass Block increases the amount of natural daylighting and creates an appealing indoor environment. In short, no other comparable building material […]

  10. […] the elements while letting people see what is happening outside of the shelter. It also allows for daylighting, which is a benefit both when using the space as a shelter and also as a multipurpose area during […]

  11. […] sacrificing lighting. It is also environmentally friendly, as demonstrated by its contribution to LEED ratings and Daylighting. This broad selection of benefits provides you the ability to achieve your specific […]

  12. […] while cooking, eating, and watching TV. Another common and modern interest is for the home to have daylighting while still providing security to the family and producing low energy […]

  13. […] A glass block window is also great for security and energy efficiency while still maintaining daylighting needs in our living […]

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