Posted by: glassblockblogger | March 24, 2013

How to Help Prepare Your Home for Severe Spring Weather

Be Prepared for Spring Thaws and Severe Weather
New York, New Jersey, Boston, Philadelphia

Now that Spring is here, each cubic foot of compacted snow remaining on the ground contains gallons of water. As the snow melts, it can cause flooding in areas never before susceptible to flooding. Adding Spring thunderstorms to this situation can result in costly damage to your home, if not properly prepared.Eastern Glass Block Basement Window

In a previous post on this Blog called The Most Vulnerable Part of the House to Flooding, we discussed the damage that can occur through the Basement Window. Glass Block is a great choice for basement windows, or any window that may be susceptible to flooding. Glass Block Windows have the characteristics of a solid concrete block wall. And now, you can choose to have ventilation in the window.

While glass block windows provide protection against water penetration, they also provide a high level of security against burglary. Glass Block provides an excellent solution to demonstrating that our home is not an easy target for the criminal, while still maintaining beauty and elegance in the home. Glass Block provides the security that we need without sacrificing the beauty that glass provides.You can also forget about painting, caulking and puttying. There’s nothing to peel, rot or rust. To clean, simply hose the outside and wipe the inside lightly with a damp cloth.

Eastern Glass Block Basement Window with VentFlooding, tornadoes and hurricanes are an ongoing threat. As we remodel our current home or consider building a new home, we have to take extreme weather possibilities into consideration. An example is the LightWise tornado and hurricane resistant window from Pittsburgh Corning. This window meets the requirements for FEMA 361″Design and Construction Guidelines for Community Safe Rooms” and FEMA 320 “Taking Shelter From the Storm: Building a Safe Room For Your Home or Small Business”.

Installation is easier than expected. Glass Block windows, such as those from Eastern Glass Block, are available pre-assembled. You can choose standard or custom sizes, with or without ventilation. Call us at Easetrn Glass Block for a Free Estimate. We have over twenty years of experience designing and installing commercial and residential Glass Block nationwide. We would love to share our experience with you.


  1. Interesting block design for storm issues. We deal with this a lot here in Texas. In fact, we had a few touch down last night here in the Dallas area.

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