Posted by: glassblockblogger | April 17, 2013

Glass Block is Not Restricted to the Shape of a Block

Glass Block Shapes and Colors
New York, New Jersey, Boston, Philadelphia

All too often, a home builder or DIY re-modeler thinks of Glass Block as just that – glass in the shape of blocks. This is not true, today.

Today, the versatility of Glass Block has opened up great opportunities for modern interior design. The modern shapes and color alternatives of Glass Block have caused many to use the unique aesthetics of Glass Block in rooms such as Home offices, Home Entertainment Centers, and Living Rooms in open floor plans. With the different product choices, a designer has the flexibility to mix-and-match to produce an aesthetically pleasing result.

Let’s take the bathroom as an example. Glass Block creates a soft and elegant look. And yet, Glass Block is just the material you want to stand up to the cleaning challenges a bathroom presents. The bath is one of the hardest-working rooms in your home. Any surface within the room needs to be water-repellent and easily wiped clean. Glass Block meets that challenge while providing a level of elegance and luxury required by today’s discerning homeowner.

Glass Block ShapesPittsburgh Corning’s Signature Line of glass block provided by Eastern Glass Block  is comprised of high quality Premiere Series products and the largest selection of patterns and shapes. This line has become the standard in the industry and provides the most design flexibility in the selection and use of glass block for walls, windows, partitions, and showers in residential and commercial applications.

Besides the standard color options in Glass Block, virtually any custom design can be put onto the glass blocks using an exclusive glass fusion process. Whether you want a standard color or mural design, this process does not change the original specifications of the glass blocks. This colorful glass block can be mixed with other art glass block or other glass block patterns to form a wall panel of great beauty with the ambiance of glass art. The color will not fade with time, but will retain its beauty indefinitely.

In addition to the versatility of Glass Block’s variety of shapes and colors is the ingenuity of the designer. A post from News From The Block gives 5 Tips to Use Glass Block Sizes, Shapes & Colors for a Unique Window, Shower or Wall Design. They cover some great ideas:

  1. Turn the block on its side
  2. Create a banding effect with 4” x 8” and 8” x 8” blocks
  3. Combine patterns, sizes and colors
  4. Create a kaleidoscope by mixing glass block sizes with color
  5.  Using shaped glass blocks to make a snail shaped walk in shower

We can help answer any of your design or installation questions and offer professional assistance for quick and easy installation. Do not hesitate toContact Us at Eastern Glass Block contact us at Eastern Glass Block or leave a comment on this post. We have offices in New York and New Jersey with over twenty years of experience  designing and installing commercial and residential glass block nationwide. We love to share our experience.

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