Posted by: glassblockblogger | April 29, 2013

A Better Building Material for Your New Construction

If you are in the process of rebuilding, what materials will you use – the same or better?

Weather has hit New York and New Jersey hard over the past 9 months – nothing harder than Hurricane Sandy. Is that the last of bad storms in the Northeast? No. The Northeast coast is no stranger to severe weather; and that will not be changing any time soon.

So, now its time to rebuild. But, are you going to rebuild with the same materials and design goals as before? Or, are you going to make sure you have built your home or business better than ever before? ‘Better’ meaning:

  • better insulated,
  • greater resistance to high winds and flying debris,
  • more energy efficient through the use of sustainable design,
  • more aesthetically pleasing through open floor plans.

One building material that should be considered to achieve a better and more sustainable construction is Glass Block.

More Light, More Security

When there is a need for windows below flood levels, Glass Block will let light into the inner space while acting as a solid barrier to flood waters. For windows above flood levels, consider Glass Block for of its energy efficiency, resistance to high winds, and low maintenance.Light with Glass Block in commerical office

Glass Block can be used where there was a planned solid wall in a home, office, school or industrial building. Glass bricks provide effective protection against air pressure and flying debris. No other building material has the quality of a solid wall without blocking light from entering inner spaces. And Glass Block is also graffiti resistant.

As you design your new home or building, you will be considering modern Open Floor Plans. In commercial space, Glass Block can be used to separate areas without blocking light in that space. In Open Floor plans within a Home, Glass Block can used as a material to build Kitchen Islands with a sense of transparency to complement the open feel of the area. Glass Block can also be used in the design of living spaces to separate rooms without losing access to a source of light.

Design Consultation

Whether planning residential or commercial construction, interior or exterior plans, the challenge is always balancing the need for light without sacrificing safety and sustainability. At Eastern Glass Block, we have over 20 years of experience in commercial and residential design in the New York and New Jersey area. Contact us and let’s discuss how Glass Block can create a better design for you. (800.635.1226)

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