Posted by: glassblockblogger | August 11, 2014

Glass Block Showers At The Beach

In New Jersey, there are many beaches to choose from for fun in the summer. If you want a little extra fun on the beach via a boardwalk, then your choices get a little more slim, but without sacrificing fun. Point Pleasant Beach in particular is a beautiful beach with houses right on the boardwalk, right on the beach. The boardwalk is long and filled with activities for people of all ages to enjoy. When people are finished with the sun and sand they can spend the rest of the day having fun playing games or eating with friends. Before they do that however, they usually rinse the sand remaining on their bodies at the showers spread throughout the beach area.

Years ago, the town of Point Pleasant was looking at alternatives for their public showers on the beach. Usually those showers are attached to dull, wooden posts because who would care about looks over effect. However, Point Pleasant looked and found an alternative for those showers and decided upon using glass blocks to build them. These glass block showers were built using Decora glass block, Decora Endblocks and Decora Encurve blocks to give it that stepping-stone, cascading look. IMG_2025

No other beach has public showers like these at a beach, because it doesn’t really matter what they look like as long as they work. Nevertheless, Point Pleasant took the idea and ran with it and the end product is still going strong years later. These showers offer multiple people use at the same time while offering a little bit of privacy as well. IMG_2016

When I say going strong, I mean that literally. These showers have been up before Hurricane Sandy arrived a few years ago and now long after. Despite hearing and seeing all the houses and boardwalks get destroyed, somehow these glass block showers stayed strong, upright and untouched. That definitely boosts confidence in the strength and durability of our product. So not only do they look nice, they also get the job done and give a sense of reliability in terms of worrisome weather. You can see a previous blog post to learn more about the reliability and durability of glass block here.



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