Posted by: glassblockblogger | April 19, 2011

Fire Resistant Glass Block with UL Fire Rating for Doorways, Windows, and Walls

Fire resistant building material can be a necessity in situations where building codes make it a requirement. And even when it is not required, fire resistant material is always desirable.

Eastern Glass Block, Commercial buildingWhen we think of a fire resistant building product, we might picture an industrial product that would be found in a 1950s factory. This does not have to be the case. Glass Block, for instance, is an aesthetically pleasing alternative.

Underwriters Laboratory has classified several Glass Block products from Pittsburgh Corning Glass for use in fire-rated window assemblies.

Some of these uses could be for a glass block border around a Fire Door to let in light and beautify the space. Another could be to ensure building codes are met when windows are required in a wall that is built close to an adjacent building.

Fire Rated Glass Block can be used in many commercial and residential situations, such as;Eastern Glass Block wall

  • Multi Unit Housing
  • Stairwells
  • Limited Lot Line
  • Windows
  • Communities
  • Corridors
  • Other Fire Rated uses

The Fire Rated Glass Block products from Pittsburgh Corning are the Premier Series that has a 45 minute fire rating; the Thickset 60 with 60 minute fire rating. And then there is the Thickset 90 and Vistabrik, both having a 90 minute fire rating. A 1/4″ steel channel, 3/4″ thick expansion material at head and jambs, and fire retardant sealant are required to meet the 90 minute fire ratings.

And with an 80% light transmittance, Glass Block increases the amount of natural day lighting and creates an appealing indoor environment. In short, no other comparable building material provides the beauty, strength, and security needs of Glass Block.

If you are designing an area that requires a fire rated product, call us at Eastern Glass Block and we can discuss some excellent aesthetically pleasing alternatives using Glass Block. We have over twenty years of experience with offices in New York and New Jersey and love to share our knowledge.


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