Posted by: glassblockblogger | July 28, 2014

Glass Block With A Running Bond

Traditionally, when using glass block for a project, the project usually has a layout for a stack bond. A stack bond is exactly what you think it sounds like, glass block stacked on top of one another like a rubix cube or windows on a building. A running bond is something less common when using glass block; It is more like the layout of brick buildings. Untitled design (3)The glass blocks are not stacked perfectly straight on top of one another but rather off-center in every other row. When you see a brick wall on a school or building, choose any row of bricks and the row above or below it doesn’t line up. Instead, for example, rows one and three match up perfectly while rows two and four match up perfectly and so on. This is what’s called a running bond.

You can even incorporate actual bricks while still using glass blocks as shown here: Untitled1This picture shows 4×8 glass blocks with 4×4 glass blocks against the wall in every other row, including the rows of actual bricks as well. Note how every row alternates. The idea makes the glass blocks mesh together and using the bricks as well gives it that classic brick feel, despite this wall being mostly glass blocks.

In a recently completed project, a homeowner wanted to use 4×8 Mist pattern glass blocks. There was no problem supplying the request of the glass block pattern. However, there was a small hill we had to climb to complete this particular project because there aren’t any 4×4 Mist glass blocks. We actually had to cut the 4×8 glass blocks ourselves to make the running bond pattern work. Remember that every other row ends in either a 4×8 or 4×4 so without cutting the glass blocks this project would not have been possible. Thankfully everything worked out perfectly and the newly made 4×4 Mist blocks fit flush with the 4×8 blocks and the wall. Untitled design.1

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