Posted by: glassblockblogger | August 7, 2014

Making Windows With Fire-Rated Glass Blocks

In Bergen County, New Jersey, specifically the county seat and town of Hackensack, there was a project which required the building to have fire-rated material in the windows; This particular building is being built across the street from the Bergen County Jail on River St. Instead of using other fire-rated material for the windows, like regular fire-rated plate glass, they chose to use Pittsburgh Corning fire-rated glass block, specifically Decora Thickset 90-minute fire-rated glass block.IMG_2004

This type of block is simple, yet also different which adds a little more style to the look of the building. It looks exactly like the regularly usedĀ Decora pattern blocks so there was no need for further accommodations with size or anything to use this block. To learn more about fire-rated glass block, click here to see one of our previous blog posts.


As well as meeting the fire safety requirements, they also help maintain a level of privacy without restricting the amount of natural light coming from the sun, especially in the morning as this particular wall faces east. Furthermore, it looks great when compared to the regular brick laying of the building because it shows two different, yet similar types of building methods and materials.


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