Posted by: glassblockblogger | March 16, 2015

Remodeling Projects That Have Been On-hold are Finally Becoming a Reality

As the household equity position continues to improve, homeowners are starting those remodeling projects that have been on hold for so long.

The NAHB Eye on Housing reported that “The balance sheet of U.S. households with real estate continues to improve – despite tight lending conditions – as increases in home prices continue. The real estate equity position of U.S. households (the difference between assets and liabilities) increased nearly 2.4% for the quarter according to NAHB tabulations of the fourth quarter Federal Reserve Flow of Funds.”

The NAHB goes on to say “The improvement in the balance sheet of U.S. households means fewer underwater homeowners, thereby unlocking housing supply and demand. This type of improvement in the balance sheet of U.S. households with real estate along with further improvements to job market could release pent-up housing demand.”

This is opening the opportunity for homeowners to address those maintenance issues that have been piling up and to also finally make those long-awaited home improvements.

When we consider a remodeling project, getting the best return for our investment is a primary goal.

One of the top 10 projects is installing vinyl replacement windows. In remodeling projects we can expect to experience a high return on investment by taking on a window replacement project with vinyl windows. Eastern Glass Block LightWise RemodelOngoing maintenance is also a significant concern. Glass Block is an excellent choice for a vinyl window that does not cause more work in the future. A glass block window is also great for security and energy efficiency while still maintaining daylighting needs in our living spaces.

Eastern Glass Block LightWise Unique Features

Glass Block is available in pre-assembled, vinyl frame windows. LightWise® Windows are a wise choice when you want the beauty and durability of real glass block with less installation hassle. LightWise® Windows give you a combination of features you won’t find in any other glass or acrylic block window. And now LightWise® Windows are even lighter thanks to our new 2” thick glass block. .

Vinyl glasss block window installation can be quite a bit easier than expected. However, you can choose to have a professional install the windows while you keep control of the project and save time and effort.

Eastern Glass Block installs residential and commercial windows. We can work with you to develop a custom solution that meets your needs. Give us a call at 800.635.1226 

Let us know what you think.

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