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Fire Resistant Glass Block

Fire Resistant Glass Block is a type of glass block manufactured to meet the demands of style and designs while also meeting the demands of fire safety codes. Unlike regular glass blocks, fire rated glass blocks are specifically designed with characteristics to meet and hold up fire safety codes. There are many different styles of blocks you can use for fire rated applications such as Decora, Decora LX, Essex, Vue, Icescapes, Endura and more. The available sizes vary depending on the fire minute rating but have enough different sizes to fit almost any window space. These blocks provide fire safety in applications that might cause concern, like having houses very close together, or for schools, airports or other public transportation buildings that might have fire codes.

Fire Rated Glass Block Windows

Fire Rated Glass Block Windows

When installing fire rated glass blocks, the same steps are used as if regular glass blocks were being installed. However, one difference between the two is that you must use fire-retardant sealant and it has to be held together with mortar, not silicone. Fire Rated glass blocks are good for buildings in vulnerable locations or that are susceptible to harsh weather. As well as meeting fire codes, they are also resistant to graffiti, reduce outside noise and add enhanced security vs traditional windows. To read more, check out one of our previous blog posts on Fire Resistant Glass Blocks.

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